2023 Centenary Research Conference: Thursday, April 20

Deadline for Proposals: Friday, March 17

Every year, Centenary students and faculty are invited to present their best works of exploration and invention at our annual All-Campus Research Conference. A community tradition for over 30 years, the Research Conference is modeled on long-standing academic traditions of conference-based information sharing and feedback.

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2023 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Christopher Morris

For the 2023 Research Conference, Centenary will host keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Morris. Dr. Morris is a Professor of History at University of Texas at Arlington and author of Becoming Southern and The Big Muddy, both from Oxford University Press. He is known for his work on the relationships between people and the natural environment in the American South. He will present on his current research on the history of Nitrogen. The title of his keynote address is "Chemistry, Capitalism, and the Commodification of Nitrogen: A Global History of an Alabama Cotton Patch.”


2023 Research Conference Winners

Award for Best Humanities Oral Presentation

“The United States and the Independence of Kosovo: Examining US Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, and Military Intervention in the late 20th Century” Visar Rraci

Award for Best Natural Sciences Oral Presentation

“Qualitative to Quantitative: Optimizing an SOP” Bryn Jenkins

Tie for Award for Best Social Sciences Oral Presentation

“Effects of Changes in Gun Control Policy on the Frequency and Severity of Mass Shootings” Remi Miller

“Gender and Governing Bodies: The Intersection of Legal Precedents and Sociological Processes” Lauren Warren

Tie for Award for Best Poster Presentation

“Computational methods for development of arbidol as a fusion inhibitor of the novel coronavirus” Alireza Moosavi Behbahani

“The Evolution of a Common Man” Anna DiMaggio

Tie for Honorable Mention for Best Poster Presentation

“Phenolic Compound Production from Pathogen-Induced Plant Communication” Tarif Islam, Jonathan Okereke, and Alireza Moosavi Behbahani

“Calibrating Millikan’s Oil Drop Apparatus” Michael Smith

Award for Best Visual Arts Presentation

“Mori” Jan Gary

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