Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Every year, Centenary students and faculty are invited to present their best works of exploration and invention at our annual All-Campus Research Conference. A community tradition for over 20 years, the Research Conference is modeled on long-standing academic traditions of conference-based information sharing and feedback.

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2019 Winners

Award for Best Oral Presentation in the Humanities: Sarah Cook
Award for the Best Oral Presentation in the Natural Sciences: Amir Kaskas
Award for the Best Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences: William Morrison
Award for Best Performance in Music: Victoria Sundin
Award for Best Performance in Theatre: Cason Hancock, Charles Roppolo
Best Poster Presentation: Breanna Pearson
Best Trek Presentation: Chris Ciocchetti's Trek 116
Award for Best Visual Arts Presentation: Sabrina Handal

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Contact Info

Dr. Scott Chirhart

Research Conference Director