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Past Research Forum Winners

2022 Winners

2022 Research Conference Winners

  • Best Oral Presentation in the Humanities – Hannah Jordan
  • Best Oral Presentation in the Natural Sciences – Camila Weber
  • Best Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences – Mariposa Deutsch
  • Best Poster Presentation, 1st Place – Jonathan Okereke
  • Best Poster Presentation, 2nd Place – Caymen Hawkins
  • Best Presentation in Communication Arts – Kendall Knaps
  • Best Presentation in Studio Art – Riana Seidenberg
  • Trek 116 Project – “Mythology:” Rachael Ayres, Kylie Bates, Kaitlyn Bordelon, Debra Brown, Kaleb Coates, Ethan Davis, Summer Faust, Emma Foster, Madison McKnight, Emma Oertling, Anna Scarbrock, Allana Scott-Daniels, Caitlin Train

2021 Winners

Humanities – Milla Reddick
Music – Brennen Templeton
Natural Sciences – Na’Lani Zeno
Social Sciences – Marissa Lally
Poster – Payton Lii
Visual Arts – Kendall Knaps
Trek 116 Project – “Aliens Among Us:” Carson Alvarez, Cherokee Corbin, Mallory Credeur, Mathew Lamoreaux, Audrey Laper, Stanley Melton, Mackenzie Newlan, Manuel Angelo Ortiz, Nyla Pierce, Sabrina Scott, Keegan Tunstall, Andrew Turner, Benjamin Vazquez, Lauren Warren

2019 Winners

2019 Winners

Award for Best Oral Presentation in the Humanities: Sarah Cook
Award for the Best Oral Presentation in the Natural Sciences: Amir Kaskas
Award for the Best Oral Presentation in the Social Sciences: William Morrison
Award for Best Performance in Music: Victoria Sundin
Award for Best Performance in Theatre: Cason Hancock, Charles Roppolo
Best Poster Presentation: Breanna Pearson
Best Trek Presentation: Chris Ciocchetti's Trek 116
Award for Best Visual Arts Presentation: Sabrina Handal

2018 Winners

Poster session


First place:  Jessica Truong-Biology



First place: DJ Britten-Business


Oral presentations

Natural Science Division

First place:  Lydia Grafton-Biology 


Social Science Division

First place:  Brooks Williams-Business


Humanities division

First place: Alex Shannon-Music

2017 Winners

2017 research forum Winners

Poster session:  Laura Perilloux - Toxic Effects of Cadmium on Neuronal Cells

Oral presentations

Natural Science Division: Jeff Scott/Halen Sumner-Biology - Catatonia/Avolition in C. Elegans

Social Science Division: Liz Guerrant-Sociology - Male Perceptions of Gender and their Influences on Romantic and Sexual Relationships

Humanities division: Ben Green-Art History - Or So the Story Goes: Discourses on the Art of Clementine Hunter



2016 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 25th annual Centenary Student Research Forum!


Poster Session

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Jessica Cameron - The Effect of Deprenyl on the Lifespan of C. elegans
  • 2nd place - Melissa Traver - Analysis of Concurrently Expressed CCT-domain Proteins During the Floral Transition in Sorghum bicolor
  • 3rd place - Namra Tanveer - Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cells and the Arterial Response to Injury by MnTnBuOE-2-PyP5+


  • 1st place - Taylor Ackerman - Not About Nightingales
  • 2nd place - Abigail Dillard - References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot by Jose Rivera 
  • 3rd place - Bailey White - Not About Nightingales Stage Manager’s Prompt Book


Oral Session


  • 1st place - Christian Roberson and Sarah Leal - Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Scenes
  • 2nd place - Grace Rambo - Baby Got Back: The Kardashians Commodification of Black Beauty
  • 3rd place - David Westbrook - Scriabin's Fourth Symphony: Analyzing Color in Scriabin's Fourth Symphony

Social Sciences

  • 1st place - Gabrielle Glorioso - Perception of Aggression in Racial Voicing

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Manon Doucet - Shining Light on the Role of Conserved CCT-domain Proteins in Flowering in Sorghum bicolor
  • 2nd place - Dolores Ross - Synthesis and Photolysis of Cyclopropyl-Substituted Benzophenones Using Transition Metal Catalysts

2015 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Daryn Beaugh - Don Juan Filhiol and the Transformation of Northeast Louisiana during the Spanish Colonial Period

2nd place - Alissa Brown - Hopes of a Better Afterlife: Similarities in Funerary Art Between Early Christianity and Mystery Cults

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Chris Cates - Identification of Novel Genes Controlling Flowering Time in Sorghum bicolor

2nd place - Tierra Range - Development in Donor-Acceptor Type Block Copolymer for use in Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaics

3rd place - Eli Capello - Sex Sells: Deconstruction of the Male Sex Bias in Biomedical Research

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Ryan Stevens - NFL Franchise and Metropolitan Areas: A Study of the Effects Due to the Existence of a Franchise during the 2013 season

2nd place - Lauren Marlar - Attitudes, Perceptions, and Priorities of Non-Profit Administration and Clientele

Poster session

1st place - Morgan Navalance - Examination of Genes Controlling Flowering Time During Leaf Development in Sorghum biocolor

2nd place - Dolores Ross - Phylogenetic Analysis of the Upstream Region of the Arcanolysin Gene from Smooth and Rough Biotypes of Aracanobacterium haemolyticum

3rd place - Zach Stielper - Is PAR Binding Necessary for Oxidative Stress-Induced Iduna Upregulation in ARPE-19 Cells?

2014 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Tianna Murphy - Feminism, Orientalism and Polemics: Two American Muslim Feminists and their Jihads

2nd place - Kayla Marion - African American Confederates of the Lost Cause

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Luke White - Controlling the "Stickiness" and Electronic Properties of Graphene by Doping

2nd place - Michael Free - The Synthesis of a Tetraether Glycerophospholipid with Two Different Headgroups

3rd place - Andrea Argueta Lemus - Florigen Makes the Whorl Go Round: A Survey of the FT-like PEBP family in Sorghum bicolor

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Cameron Hughes - Determinants of Field Goal Success Rates: A Study of Placekicking in the 2012 National Football League Regular Season

2nd place - Angela Impson - Examining Heteronormative Gender Enactment Among Gay Men

3rd place - Matthew Scott - Self-Efficacy's Mitigating Role on the Consequences of Negative Feedback

Poster session

1st place - Tierra Range - Inflammatory demyelination is suppressed by a disease-modifying drug in Theiler's virus model of multiple sclerosis

2nd place - Ryan O’Donnell - Optimization of Shreveport Public Transportation Routes

3rd place - Payton Weidner - Epithelium of GAD65-GFP Mice: A New Model For Studying Olfactory Sensory Neuron Maturation?

2013 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Tianna Murphy - Evangelical Sports Ministry at the Collegiate Level

2nd place - Holden Penny - Poverty Point: An Archeological and Religious Monument

3rd place - Brenton Gryder - "An Aid to the Communist Conspiracy"? An Investigation of the National Council of Churches by St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 1959-1967

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - S. Garrett Whipple and Alexandra Hebert - The Synthesis of Asymmetric Tetraether Lipids Through a Convergent Wittig Reaction

2nd place - Everett D. Grimley - Spectroscopy for Measurement of the Surface Spin-Polarization of Perovskite Oxides

3rd place - Lindsey Fileccia - Functional Annotation of Ebola and Marburg Virus Proteins via Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies

3rd place - Alex Larsen - Using Machine Learning to Predict a Bad Day - Text Classification for

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Josh Scott - Does Technical Analysis Pay-off in Latin America

2nd place - Karley Aiken - Reconfiguring the Fairytale: Exploring Gender Relations in Polyamory

3rd place - Adam Ghaemmaghami - Skill in Poker: Empirical Evidence from the Statistical Analysis of Low Stakes Play

Poster session

1st place - Alexandra Larsen, Ryan O’Donnell,
Gerhardt Funk - Modeling the Cost of Water Desalination in Egypt

2nd place - Monique Long, James Hall,
Brandon McRae, Ghalia Thaljeh
Associative Memory in Chilopoda lithobiomorpha

3rd place - Taylor Atkinson - Strength of Handedness and Backward Recall

2012 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Zachary Cowsert - Prince Camille de Polignac: "A Damn Frog-Eating Frenchman" Commanding Confederate Soldiers, 1861-65

2nd place - Lauren Rogers - Civil Religion in the Republic of Turkey

3rd place - Adam Gatlin - A Lesson in Diplomacy: Robert Bigger Oakley's Years as U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, 1988-1991

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Brandon McRae - Stairway to Heaven

2nd place - Jacob Jennings - Parsing Mathematical Expressions into MathML

3rd place - Gaurav Shah - The CK1 Protein Kinase Yck2 Exhibits Multiple Phosphorylation Sites

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Drew Burnham - The Development of Arrears to the IMF

2nd place - Candace Rushing - How Do You Spell /ʃəʊl/: Orthographical Differences Across Fourth Graders at Three SES Levels

3rd place - Katie James - Measures of Vertical and Horizontal Religious Language in Christian Liberal Arts College Mission Statements

Poster session

1st place - Dallas Krentzel - Similarities in Toxicity between an Environmentally Ubiquitous Polyurethane Component and DDT in Daphnia magna in Terms of Survivorship, Fecundity, and Excitotoxicity

2nd place - Stephanie Hansen - Suppressor Analysis of the Yck2 Ser243Asp Protein Kinase Mutant

3rd place - Roumta Odisho, Millicent Davis, James Hall - Analgesic Effects of Perfluroalkyl Derivatives of Ibuprofen

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