To obtain a purchasing card, complete the Credit Card Application. and return it to the Office of Financial and Administration located on the second floor of Hamilton hall.

Centenary College of Louisiana (“Company”) has entered into an agreement with Origin (“Bank”) that provides qualified employees with a Purchasing Card to purchase low cost materials and services. Using the Purchasing Card benefits the Company and Cardholder through:

• Promptly paying our supplies
• Reducing overall processing costs
• Decentralizing purchasing responsibility

Origin statements cut off on the last day of the month which means an expense reports will be due to the Business Office no later than the 10th of every month.  You will receive a notice by email from Certify on the 3rd of each month letting you know that an expense report is ready for review. 

Certify Support and Frequently Asked Questions

The policies contained in this agreement, as well as, any verbal communication with administration pertaining to the program must be followed by the Cardholders as guidelines for conducting Company business. Policy violations will result in revocation of Cardholder privileges and possible disciplinary action.

General Policy Guidelines:

Card member Definitions: Purchasing Cards are issued at the discretion of the Company to qualified employees.

Ownership and Cancellation of the Purchasing Card: The Purchasing Card remains the property of the Bank. It may not be transferred to, assigned to, or used by anyone other than the designated Cardholder. The Bank or the company may suspend or cancel Cardholder privileges at any time for any reason. The Cardholder will surrender the Purchasing Card upon request. Use of the Purchasing Card or account after notice of its cancellation may be fraudulent and may cause the Bank to take legal action against you.

Spending Limits: Each Purchasing Card has a present spending limit that may not be exceeded. The Purchasing Card should be used whenever and wherever possible for charging low cost materials and selected services (including shipping, handling, and tax).

Purchasing Card Abuse: Abuse of the Purchasing Card may result in revocation of the Card and appropriate disciplinary action including termination. Policy violations include, but are not limited to:

• Purchasing items for personal use
• Failure to return the Purchasing Card when reassigned, terminated, or upon request
• Failure to submit proper documentation to Accounts Payable



It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to obtain transaction receipts from the merchant or vendor each time the Purchasing Card is used. These receipts must show the sales tax charged as a separate line item. Each month, the Cardholder will receive an activity report. Individual transaction receipts are to be submitted using Certify no later than the 10th for payment.

Disputed Items

It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to follow-up on any erroneous charges, returns or adjustments and to ensure proper credit is given on subsequent statements. Senior Accountant for Operations will assist in handling dispute resolutions.

Protecting the Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card is valuable property that requires proper treatment by the Cardholder to protect it from misuse by unauthorized parties.


Sign the Purchasing Card immediately upon receipt. When the expiration date is passed and/or after you have received a new Purchasing Card, cut the old Purchasing Card in half and dispose of it. Make sure the Purchasing Card is returned to you after each charge and verify that the returned Card has your name on it. Carbon sheets should be retained and destroyed.

Lost/Stolen Purchasing Cards

If the Purchasing Card is lost or stolen, contact the Bank’s 24-hour toll-free number at (866) 835-3409. The Cardholder is also required to contact Kara Green (Senior Accountant for Operations) at 869-5013.

For more information, please review the Purchasing Card Policy 

Credit Card Expense Report (PDF version)
Credit Card Expense Report (Excel version)