Chemistry Degree Options

BS in Chemistry approved by the American Chemical Society

The Department offers a choice to students in their pursuit of the BS in Chemistry degree. The first option is a degree approved by the American Chemical Society. This degree includes more advanced content in upper-level classes, meeting all the standards of training set forth by American Chemical Society. Students planning for a career in chemistry—especially those who are interested in graduate study—are strongly encouraged to follow this rigorous program of study.

BS in Chemistry

Alternatively, students may opt for a less-demanding degree plan that does not meet all of the American Chemical Society guidelines. Though we encourage all students to follow the more rigorous ACS-approved program, this second path may be appropriate for students pursuing a degree in chemistry as preparation for careers such as medicine, environmental studies, secondary education, law, or engineering. 

BS in Biochemistry

The department offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry particularly useful for students interested in:

  • biochemistry
  • pharmacology
  • medicine
  • dentistry
  • veterinary medicine
  • other health care fields.


Chemistry Research at Centenary

Because the best way to learn chemistry is by doing chemistry, research experience is an important component of a chemistry education. Chemistry students at Centenary have access to a large number of opportunities to participate in research, both on and off the college campus. Internships also allow students to receive credit for real work experience in industrial and commercial settings.

State of the Art Research Equipment

The department also features state of the art equipment, much of which students are able to get experience with while in undergrad whereas many students do not use the equipment until graduate school. Progress in modern chemistry is heavily dependent on powerful, sophisticated instrumentation. Over the past six years, we have invested over $750,000 in modern instrumental tools that are fully integrated into its teaching and research programs. 


Chemistry Club

In addition to its instructional programs, the Department provides students a wide range of enrichment, outreach, and recreational opportunities through its ChemClub. The activities of this student-lead group have brought it consistent national recognition and awards over the past 9 years.


Biochemistry seeks to answer biological questions using the tools of chemistry; as such, it is an interdisciplinary program drawing upon resources from both the Biology Department and the Chemistry Department.


The Chemistry Department offers research opportunities on Centenary's campus and in collaboration with the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. Many of our students have also obtained summer research positions at other institutions through NSF-REU and other programs.


The Department of Chemistry is well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Students receive training on and hands-on access to these instruments throughout the program of study, including our introductory courses.

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Katherine Weeks

Chair of the Department

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