Develop an appreciation for the environment around us

Centenary has long played a role in providing geologists for both the local petroleum industry and large national and international corporations.

Shreveport is the hub of the Ark-La-Tex, one of the country’s historic oil and gas regions. In recent years, the reputation of our geology program has enabled students to enter emerging fields in environmental geology, computer mapping, and related areas of public policy and law.


Departmental Mission

  • To provide a focal point for studies of the earth and the environment at Centenary College
  • To promote the study of the earth and our physical environment as a fundamental part of a liberal education
  • To provide a background in the earth sciences for students not majoring in geology who need earth-awareness in the chosen professions
  • To provide a systematic understanding for the bachelor's degree candidate seeking a career as a professional geologist 

The department offers course work leading to both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology.

The Bachelor of Arts degree provides a solid foundation in the earth sciences for students not interested in being a professional geologist. Careers for which the B.A. degree might be appropriate are secondary education, environmental law, earth science related marketing, regional and urban planning, and even some types of outdoor recreation such as park service work.

The Bachelor of Science degree gives a comprehensive introduction to geology for those students who want to pursue careers in geology. For most people wanting to be professional geologists, it is necessary to earn the master's degree. Recent graduates have completed graduate degrees at the University of Texas, the University of Arkansas, Washington State University, and Auburn University. Our graduates are working with independent petroleum companies (both large and small) and various environmental firms and governmental agencies.


Environment and Society Minor

The Environment and Society minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students think critically the various connections between people and the environments in which they live. The program can be combined with any of Centenary’s majors to provide perspectives about the environment that extend a student’s work in a discipline.
Contact Info

Dr. Saad Mohamed

Assistant Professor of Geology

Mickle 119

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