Redeem Your Points

Redemption Process Guidelines

For international travel opportunities, e.g., Module or International Choir Tour, students may redeem 500 Passport Points only towards the initial required deposit. There is no limit on the number of points redeemable for subsequent payment dates.

All redemption requests must be submitted by the final payment deadline set by the faculty or staff leader of each Centenary International Educational Travel Opportunity. 

Redemption for non-Centenary programs occur on a rolling basis.

Students pursuing independent International Educational Travel Opportunities must receive Trek Committee project approval prior to redeeming Passport Points. Points may be billed back to the student if the Independent Project is not completed in a satisfactory or timely manner.

Additionally, for independent International Educational Travel Opportunities, students must sign and turn in a Passport Points Redemption Agreement Form confirming their financial responsibility and the possibility of penalties incurred for not correctly accounting for Passport Points redeemed towards their independent experience. Eligible students must submit this form to the Office of Global Engagement before departure on an approved international educational travel opportunity.

* Students undertaking local culture options are able to use up to 100 points towards the cost of attendance. Students undertaking US-domestic (non-local) culture options are able to use up to 500 points towards the cost of attendance.



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