To complete your enrollment as a new Centenary student, please submit all the information below:

  1. Place your $250 Enrollment Deposit to secure your place in the class
  2. Fill out your Immunization Form
  3. Clarify your interests with the Academic Questionnaire
  4. Register for a SOAR session
    1. SOAR 1: 6/17-6/18
    2. SOAR 2: 6/20-6/21
    3. SOAR 3: 6/24-6/25
  5. If you haven't already had a phone coaching session to discuss your interests for the fall, schedule a New Student Engagement Coaching session
  6. Submit the 2018 New Student General Information Form *Note: You will be sent your OrgSync log in information from the Office of Admission. Please do not fill out this form until you have received your OrgSync username and password.
  7. Mail all final transcripts when they become available 


*Students not attending Centenary in Paris may move in from 2 - 4 pm on August 24th.*