Degree Plan Q and A

What catalog do I use?
All graduation requirements (major, minor, core, electives, etc.) must be listed within a single academic year catalog. You may use a catalog from any year that you attended Centenary if that year is within 5 years of your proposed graduation date.

What degree plan do I use?

  • Determine if you are working toward a BA, Bachelor of Arts or a BS, Bachelor of Science degree. Caution: some majors offer both a BA and a BS degree, so make sure you have the correct degree plan for your degree.
  • Print out the degree plan. Fill it out and have your advisor(s) review and sign the degree plan. Make sure you have signed the degree plan and turn it in at the Registrar’s Office.

When is the degree plan due?
Students must file their degree plans, approved by their advisors, before registering for the fall semester of their senior year. This means that the degree plan should be finalized and turned in no later than February of the junior year for those students wanting to graduate in May. Of course, a student may turn their degree plan in earlier than February of the junior year.


Degree Plans

These degree plans are suggestions only and are provided as an aid to students for completing their degree plans. The advisor must review and make any necessary changes to adapt these plans to a specific academic year catalog. Please indicate which academic year catalog is used to complete the degree plan.


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