Centenary awards diplomas during commencement exercises for Class of 2024

SHREVEPORT, LA - Centenary College of Louisiana held commencement exercises for the Class of 2024 on Saturday, May 4, at the Gold Dome. The College awarded bachelor of arts and science degrees to undergraduates as well as master’s degrees in education and business.

Twenty-one students in the Class of 2024 graduated summa cum laude, earning grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Fifteen students earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and eight achieved cum laude, with a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA. Sixteen students graduated with departmental honors.

Versha Sharma, a 2008 graduate and current editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, delivered the commencement address. Shreveport’s Second Line Brass Band, directed by Robert Trudeau, led the procession out of the Gold Dome with a traditional New Orleans second line.



Dylan E. Allred

Brian Adam Bihler

Haley Nicole Bordelon

Samantha Joann Brown

Mary Eloise Caruthers

Jordan Destiny Danzell

Jordan Olivia Fong

Emerson Lea Hall Horne

Melissa Grace Krzywanski

Victoria R. Ligman

Reece Marion Maguire

Emily Sophia Moreno

Emily Grace Napier

Mackenzie Eowyn Newlan

Aiden Xavier Peterkin

Mali C. Simmons

Siobahn Elizabeth Hughes Stanley

Madeline R. Vacula

Eva M. Vega

Lauren Elizabeth Warren

Mackenzie Grace Williams



Lillian Marie Breaux

Debra Pauline Brown

Cameron Russell Cason

Mackenzie Annaliese Cox

Regan Griffin

Coby James Harris

Caymen Jacobe Hawkins

Seth B. Hooker

Chrystopher Devin Jackson

Stanley R. Melton

Sarah Marie Murphy

Nyla Ry’an Pierce

Visar Rraci

Madison Noel Schonberg

Caroline Grace Swoboda



Blair Abshire

Coco Savana Edwards

Audrey E. Laper

Laura Moffitt

Isabel Victoria Plaza

Shelby Rae’ Roy

Andrew Joseph Turner

Zachery T. Van Gorkom



Haley Nicole Bordelon, Biology and Chemistry

Cameron Russell Cason, Biology and Chemistry

Jordan Olivia Fong, English

Anacelia Galeano-Balam, Biology

Regan Griffin, Biology and Neuroscience

Caymen Jacobe Hawkins, Biology and Neuroscience

Alexa K. Hinojosa, Biology

Victoria R. Ligman, Biology

Sarah Marie Murphy, Biology

Emily Grace Napier, Psychology

Mackenzie Eowyn Newlan, Communication

Nyla Ry’an Pierce, Sociology

Shelby Rae’ Roy, Biology

Mali C. Simmons, Biology

Siobahn Elizabeth Hughes Stanley, Biology

Mackenzie Grace Williams, Psychology



Blair A. Abshire, Communication: New Media Design

Kylie Layne Bates, Philosophy

Austyn Michael Benoit, Geology

Lillian Marie Breaux, French

Debra Pauline Brown, History

Samantha Joann Brown, English: Creative Writing

Mary Eloise Caruthers, Theatre and English: Creative Writing

Isabelle Cecilia Dominguez, Psychology and Sociology

Selena Alexia Edris, Psychology

Coco Savana Edwards, Political Science

Jordan Olivia Fong, English: Creative Writing

Avery Elise Gilbert, Sociology

Zane A. Harper, Music

Coby James Harris, French

Seth B. Hooker, Music: Composition

Emerson Lea Hall Horne, Art: Arts Management

Chrystopher Devin Jackson, English: Literary Studies

Theresa Fay Johnson, French and Theatre

April J. Jones, Psychology

Mackenzie Dianne Kelly, Psychology

Jacie E. Landry, Psychology

Audrey E. Laper, Psychology

Johnathon T. Lowery, Music: Choral Music

Mary Peyton McKinney, Biology

Reece Marion Maguire, English: Creative Writing

Stanley R. Melton, Biology and Psychology

Laura Catherine Moffitt, English: Literary Studies

Emily Sophia Moreno, English: Literary Studies

Emily Grace Napier, Biology

Emily Grace Napier, Psychology

Mackenzie Eowyn Newlan, Communication: New Media Design

Jackson C. Ossman, Economics

Nyla Ry’an Pierce, Sociology

Audrey Marie Randolph, Music

Ana K. Rojas Herrera, Biology

AR Rossomando, Theatre

Visar Rraci, Political Science

Madison Noel Schonberg, Psychology

Sadie Kay Self, Psychology

Serena Grace Sellers, English: Literary Studies

Siobahn Elizabeth Hughes Stanley, Biology

Mark A. Temple, Communication: Film/Television/Video

Keegan F. T. Tunstall, Music: Performance

Andrew Joseph Turner, Psychology and Economics

Cynthia Mayella Williams, III, Biology

Mackenzie Grace Williams, Psychology

Christopher K. Willie, Philosophy



Daisy Yvette Acosta, Biology

Dylan E. Allred, Mathematics

Amelia Jayce Bagwell, Business Administration: Leadership

Antonio Joseph Barbee, Business Administration: Sport Management

Austin Dakota Barrow, Accounting

Jalen A.J. Behr, Business Administration: Sport Management

Brian Adam Bihler, Biology

Richard Donald Blair, Business Administration: Commerce

Jobee Kaaden Boone, Business Administration: Investments

Haley Nicole Bordelon, Biology

Haley Nicole Bordelon, Chemistry

Cameron Russell Cason, Chemistry: American Chemical Society Accredited and Biology

Zackery K. Clark, Business Administration: Commerce

Jared Cole Collins, Business Administration: Sport Management

Mackenzie Annaliese Cox, Accounting

Mackenzie Annaliese Cox, Business Administration: Commerce

Jordan Destiny Danzell, Business Administration: Investments and Leadership

Julien A. DeLeon, Business Administration: Sport Management

Christian Nathaniel Dennis, Business Administration: Economic Policy

Michael Thomas Dzurik, Business Administration: Commerce

Anacelia Galeano-Balam, Biology and Neuroscience

Regan Griffin, Biology

Regan Griffin, Neuroscience

Austin Anthony Hall, Business Administration: Sport Management

Garrett C. Hamilton, Business Administration: Sport Management

Coby James Harris, Mathematics

Caymen Jacobe Hawkins, Biology

Caymen Jacobe Hawkins, Neuroscience

Alexa K. Hinojosa, Biology

Dylan Paul Dmitry Hooter, Business Administration: Sport Management

Colton A. Howard, Business Administration: Investments

Ralph Duffy Johnson, Business Administration: Commerce

Theresa Fay Johnson, Accounting

Noah James Koehmstedt, Business Administration: Commerce

Melissa Grace Krzywanski, Biology

Melissa Grace Krzywanski, Neuroscience

Robin N. Lemelle, Business Administration: Commerce

Victoria R. Ligman, Biology

Matthew Michael Lulich, Business Administration: Commerce

Macie Paige Meshell, Accounting

Rylie Paige Molina, Biology

Sarah Marie Murphy, Biology

Sarah Marie Murphy, Neuroscience

Roxanne Olivia Myers, Biology

Aiden Xavier Peterkin, Biology

Isabel Victoria Plaza, Biology

Ezrah Irie Ponce, Business Administration: Commerce

Wade A. Rice, Business Administration: Commerce

Shelby Rae’ Roy, Biology

Jennifer Lizeth Saldana Santiago, Biology

Mali C. Simmons, Biology

Mali C. Simmons, Neuroscience

Michael T. Smith, Mathematics

Caroline Grace Swoboda, Biology

Madeline R. Vacula, Biochemistry

Nickolas A. Valero, Business Administration: Commerce

Zachery T. Van Gorkom, Biology

Eva M. Vega, Biology

Lauren Elizabeth Warren, Biochemistry

Tre J. Washington, Business Administration: Sport Management

Savannah Rae Weatherford, Biology

Madison Brooks Wing, Business Administration: Commerce



Aimee E. Anderson, Secondary Education

Joan Margaret Bradley, Elementary Education

Amy L. Burke, Secondary Education

Christopher P. Davis, Secondary Education

Ashley A. Hunter, Elementary Education

Rachel Helm McFarlain, Secondary Education


Amelia Jayce Bagwell

Jalen A.J. Behr

Marichael Jade Clarin-Jante

Zachary T. Davis

Veronica Marion Dougherty

Haleigh M. Gangloff

Gary A. Hewitt

Kendall Christine Huff

Xavier Deterrius Johnson

Devan Lewis Martin

Catrell McCulloch, Jr.

Gabriella Montserrat McDonald

Kile Brashun Mingo

Amilia Marie Powers

Michael J. Pullano

Derek D. Smith

Seth Michael Thomas

Jonas Varela

Tre J. Washington

Trent Nehemiah Washington

Lacey Marie Wedge

Taylor Ann Wilson


Photo galleries from the 2024 commencement ceremony and other Senior Week events are available at centenary.edu/photos.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.