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Dear Centenary Family,

Tonight, I am incredibly grateful to report that all Centenary students, faculty, and staff are safe, and that no member of the Centenary family was physically harmed during a tragic and frightening incident that occurred on our campus this afternoon.

Shortly after 4:30 p.m., a visitor to campus sought help from staff members on the second floor of Hamilton Hall. The staff members attempted to assist him, but because he was exhibiting suspicious behavior, they contacted the Department of Public Safety. DPS advised the occupants of Hamilton Hall to take precautions.

DPS officers also came to Hamilton Hall to monitor the situation. Once the man exited the building, the staff members were able to tell DPS that the man had a handgun. DPS officers attempted to stop the man, and he raised his firearm at one of the officers. At this point, another DPS officer shot him. Paramedics were called to campus to attend to his injuries, but he later died.

We will continue to update the Centenary family as we know more about this incident, but please join me tonight in prayers for all involved in this tragic incident. And please reach out to those who need your love and comfort tonight.

Take Care,

President David Rowe

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