Neuroscience at Centenary

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The rapidly growing field of neuroscience seeks to understand the nervous systems of human and nonhuman animals. It is a broad discipline that quite literally spans scientific specialties ranging in scope from molecule to mind. The field draws on the techniques and traditions of biology, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, and more recently, physics, mathematics and computer science. Neuroscientists study topics ranging from basic cellular processes in the brain, to identifying the causes of clinical brain/behavior disorders, to computational modeling of neural circuits and the quest for human consciousness. The neuroscience program at Centenary College has been designed to reflect this diverse scientific lineage. This approach provides students with a solid foundational knowledge while retaining the flexibility to pursue electives emphasizing their specific interests. Students who successfully complete the program will be well prepared for post-graduate study and/or an entry level position in a neuroscience-related field including biomedical research, pharmaceuticals, as well as positions in local, state or federal health programs.

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