Centenary’s First Year Experience program provides a distinctive academic experience that introduces students to the liberal arts, those skills and habits of mind that allow one to approach complex problems from a variety of perspectives. The First Year Experience program is designed to highlight these diverse forms of inquiry and to cultivate the intellectual skills that enable successful participation in scholarly, professional, and public discourses.

The First Year Experience program integrates in class work with a series of guest speakers and cultural events that present diverse perspectives, model a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, offer material for exploration, and provide an opportunity to interact with people who have made important contributions to the public discussion of ideas.

In recognition of the thoroughly multidisciplinary nature of this program, the teaching faculty is drawn from across Centenary’s many academic departments.

Students enrolling at Centenary who have transferred 27 hours or more that include two semesters of English will not have to participate in the FYE program.