I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination (paper), nor have I seen anyone else do so, except as I shall report immediately to the Honor Court. 



Honor Thyself

Students at Centenary operate on trust in the classroom. We believe that honor is cultivated, not forced, and must be cultivated only through the willing and earnest efforts of both faculty and students.

The Honor Code, written above, is signed by students on all independent work, marking each and every student's and faculty member's pledge .

All students at Centenary are bound by the Honor Code, which applies to all academic work. Student justices are elected to an Honor Court through nominations from both faculty and other students. These justices administer the Honor System, investigate suspicious activity, hear cases, and decide on appropriate punishments.

Students are introduced to the principles of the Honor Code at orientation, and the complete Honor Code, with information on violations, procedures, and penalties, is part of the Student Government Constitution contained in the Student Handbook.

For more information about the Honor Code, please contact the Provost's Office or one of the Honor Court members or advisors.