Honor Court

These student justices are elected to the Honor Court through nominations from both faculty and other students. These justices maintain and uphold the Honor System, investigate suspicious activity, hear cases, and decide on appropriate punishments.


2023 Honor Court Members

Email: honorcourt@centenary.edu


Chief Justice: Savannah Rae Weatherford
Associate Justice: Aiden Peterkin
Clerk: Theresa Johnson
Justices: Alireza Moosavi, Brooke Sandefur, Cameron Cason, Emma Foster, Hailey Chiasson, Joel Cardenas-Lopez, Kiara Liedy, Mackenzie Williams, Riana Seidenburg


Faculty Advisors

Email: honorcourtadvisors@centenary.edu

Dr. Amanda Donahoe

Dr. Joshua D. Lawrence

Dr. Cory Wikan

If you suspect that someone has broken the Honor Code, email Honor Court at honorcourt@centenary.edu. Please include a brief description of the alleged violation, the course involved, and the names of witnesses (if any). Your name will be kept confidential.


Contact Info

Chief Justice

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