Grants and Faculty Endowments provides institutional support by identifying and securing external funding. The Director works closely with Development and the Business Office to organize and direct the College’s grants and endowment programs for the promotion of a campus-wide culture that fosters efficient and effective grant-seeking as a component of effective philanthropy and as a way to support the generation of new knowledge, scholarly inquiry, and creative activity.

Process for Grantmaking

Internal Approval

  • Complete the Grant Routing Process/Form
  • For LA Board of Regents Enhancement Grants: Centenary requires faculty, staff, and/or students interested in applying for Louisiana Board of Regents Enhancement funding to follow a pre-approval process as described in the Pre-Approval Process Guidelines.

Managing Your Award

Institutional Review & Acceptance

Funding agencies award institutional grants to Centenary College of behalf of a Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD). As such, the notice of the award is usually sent to the Director of Grants and Faculty Endowments or a senior administrator. If award documents are sent directly to a PI, but the funds will be managed by Centenary, the PI should notify the Grants Office immediately so that the award can be reviewed and accepted in a timely manner.

ii) All institutional awards are made to Centenary College, not to an individual. Institutional review and approval will be required before a grant is accepted. In order for the College to accept an award, the following information must be contained within the award document(s) issued by the sponsor:

  1. period of performance, the period from the authorized start date to the authorized end date of a project;
  2. scope of work, a narrative description of the work to be completed under the agreement;
  3. award amount, the dollar value of the award; and
  4. sponsor contact and billing information, the point of contact, including mailing address, telephone number, and any invoicing procedures.

iii) The Director of Grants and Faculty Endowments will manage formal review of the award terms and conditions, assist with negotiations and publicity, and work with the Business Office to establish a separate, restricted grant account for your award.

iv) * This review/acceptance process does not apply to awards that are paid directly from the sponsoring agency to an individual, e.g. most fellowships.

Financial Management
i) The financial management of grant funds is the PI’s responsibility. The authority to sign-off on expenses can be delegated to someone else, but the PI remains responsible for management of the funds. Please contact the Director of Grants and Faculty Endowments to authorize another individual to sign-off on expenses. The PI will be required to schedule an initial meeting with the Grants office to review and plan appropriate financial management.

ii) The process of sponsored project expenses:

  1. The PI will bear full responsibility for budget management, identifying/coding, and ensuring that the expense is allowed before submitting the charge to the Grants Office for approval.
    (2) Upon approval, by the Grants Office, the expense may be submitted the Business/Payroll office(s).

iii) The PI will review the grant budget account with the Director of Grants and Faculty Endowments at least once per quarter. All transactions posted to the grant account will be reviewed to ensure that expenditures are within the project’s budget, incurred between specified project date, and to identify/resolve potential erroneous postings.

Reporting on Grant-sponsored Activities

a) The PI is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the sponsored project, including programmatic and financial oversight. Primary responsibilities of the PI include project management, expenditure management, employee management, sub-award management (if applicable), and post-award reporting. The notification of your grant award will contain guidelines for post-award reporting. At Centenary, the Grants Office and Business Office have established administrative systems and processes to support the PI through the life and closeout of an award. Please contact the Director of Grants and Faculty Endowments with your questions or if assistance on post-award reporting is needed.


Statement of PI Eligibility: When Centenary College of Louisiana submits proposals to external sponsors and accepts awards for sponsored projects, the institution assumes significant financial and legal obligations. Sponsors fund projects based in part on the professional expertise of the Principal Investigators or approved Project Director (PI) submitting a proposal; however, the formal award is made to, and the obligations are assumed by, the College. Under the general oversight and authority of the College, the title of PI identifies the individual responsible for the conduct of the project. The responsibility includes the intellectual conduct of the project, technical compliance, completion of the programmatic work, fiscal stewardship of sponsor funds, and compliance with administrative requirements of the project. For these reasons, PIs must have a reasonable prospect of long-term employment at the College.



Contact Info

Dr. Karen Soul

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

217 Hamilton Hall, Centenary College of Louisiana

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.