All faculty members planning to submit a BORSF grant proposal are required to submit a preliminary proposal to the Provost’s Office six weeks prior to the deadline for submission of the final proposal. Faculty members will be informed four weeks prior to the deadline if their proposals have received internal approval. If the preliminary proposal is approved, the faculty member(s) may proceed with the development of the full proposal.

All preliminary proposals must include the following information:

  1. A one paragraph summary of the project
  2. A one paragraph statement of how the project will contribute to student learning, faculty research and development, or other academic goal
  3. A preliminary list of equipment to be included in the proposal
  4. An estimate of the total project cost (including taxes)
  5. An estimate of the institutional contribution to the project, including matching funds, in-kind contributions, etc.
  6. A statement as to the amount and source of funding for the maintenance, repair, and ultimate replacement of the equipment
  7. If the proposal includes work to be done by the staff of the physical plant, the Director of Facilities must approve and sign the preliminary proposal.
  8. If the proposal includes computer hardware or software items or will involve the commitment of staff resources from the Information Technology Department, the Director of Information Technology must approve and sign the preliminary proposal and also provide a statement outlining the technological impact of the proposal.

Grant Routing Process Form

Last updated 21 August 2014

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