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What is Education Aspire 4+1?

Education Aspire 4+1 is accelerated pathway for exceptional Centenary undergraduates pursing a non-education major to get a head start on graduate coursework and have a smooth transition to a rewarding career in K-12 education. Education Aspire students may begin the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program while still working on their undergraduate degree and can complete the MAT and Louisiana Teaching Licensure within one year of graduation.


Certification Areas and Recommended Majors

While a student can technically major in any subject and become a certified teacher (assuming they can pass the required Praxis tests), we recommend the following majors for the certification areas we offer:

  • K-12 Vocal Music: Music, Choral Music concentration
  • Elementary Education (grades 1-5): Psychology or Sociology
  • Secondary Education (grades 6-12) in the following areas:
    • Biology: Biology (BA or BS)
    • Business Education: Business Administration
    • Chemistry: Chemistry
    • English: English
    • French: French
    • General Science: Any science
    • Mathematics: Math
    • Social Studies: History, Political Science, or Economics
    • Spanish: English; minor in Spanish


If my advisee wants to do this program, what do I need to do as an advisor?

To ensure that a student is eligible to participate in the Education Aspire 4+1 program, they should:

  • Earn ~18 undergraduate credit hours/semester on average each semester; they need to hit 104 hours by the of Junior year to be able to apply for the program.
  • Have room in their Senior year schedule to take 2 MAT courses each in fall and spring (these hours cannot count toward undergraduate degree requirements)
  • When possible, follow the recommendations for Liberal Arts Exploration/Core and Elective courses at and listed below that provide excellent preparation for an education pathway.


Are there specific undergraduate courses Aspire students should take?

These courses are recommended for anyone considering an education pathway, but especially for those interested in Elementary Education.

Natural Sciences Liberal Arts Explorations

  • BIOL 101
  • PHYS 103/113 or 104/114 or CHEM 105/115 or 121/123 or GEOL 101 or 103

Social Sciences Liberal Arts Explorations

  • PSC 102 or 103 or 110 or 111
  • PSY 230 or 250 (if not a Psychology major)
  • SOC 112 or 202 (if not a Sociology major)

Humanities Liberal Arts Explorations

  • ART 101 or 102 or 161
  • COMM 180
  • ENGL any
  • HIST 205 or 206
  • MUS 143

Encouraged Electives

  • ART 151, particularly for Elementary Education
  • HIST 307, particularly for Elementary Education
  • EDUC courses 215, 225, 302


Why the Aspire program instead of an undergraduate degree in education?

  • Teacher candidates are in the classroom as a teacher of record 1-year faster where they are very much needed
  • Students can complete their MAT within one year of undergraduate graduation
  • There are several financial benefits:
    • As a teacher of record, they begin earning a salary and benefits
    • Student loan payments are deferred while enrolled in the MAT program
    • Upon completion of MAT, districts will implement an immediate pay increase


Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.