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Apply for the Aspire 4+1 program

Education Aspire 4+1: Your Path to the MAT

Centenary’s Education Aspire 4+1 program allows exceptional undergraduates in non-Education majors to begin the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program while still working on their undergraduate degree and finish the MAT within one year of graduation while working full-time as a teacher with a salary and benefits. With careful planning and guidance from the Education faculty, Education Aspire gives you a jump on graduate coursework and a smooth transition to a rewarding career in education.


  • Students can complete their MAT within one year of undergraduate graduation if following the recommended schedule
  • Eligible to work full-time post-(undergraduate) graduation as a teacher of record, earning a salary & benefits
  • Student loan payments are deferred while enrolled in the MAT program as long as students take two classes per term
  • Tuition for MAT courses taken during fall-spring terms while an undergraduate is covered by undergraduate tuition - usually a savings of at least $3,600!
  • Once the MAT is completed, most school districts will implement an immediate pay bump



The program is a rigorous and demanding graduate-level program requiring high levels of planning and maturity; it is not for every student, but it might just be for you!

    • Interested students should alert their primary academic advisor and the Education Department ( during their sophomore year
    • Students must complete at least 104 hours of a non-education Centenary degree to begin the program (and should apply in the semester before this milestone is achieved); can be junior or senior status. This typically means that students are earning undergraduate credits “ahead of schedule”
    • Students usually must have room in undergraduate schedule to take at least 12 hours (four three-credit MAT courses) after the 104-hour limit has been achieved; these hours cannot count towards undergraduate graduation requirements
    • Students must enroll in and successfully complete on-campus summer MAT courses
    • Students usually must complete 18 hours (six three-credit MAT courses) prior to undergraduate graduation to ensure completion of MAT degree within one year of graduation

Apply for the Aspire 4+1 program

Recommended Undergraduate Courses

Natural Sciences Liberal Arts Explorations

  • BIOL 101
  • PHYS 103/113 or 104/114 or CHEM 105/115 or 121/123 or GEOL 101 or 103

Social Sciences Liberal Arts Explorations

  • PSC 102 or 103 or 110 or 111
  • PSY 230 or 250 (if not a Psychology major)
  • SOC 112 or 202 (if not a Sociology major)

Humanities Liberal Arts Explorations

  • ART 101 or 102 or 161
  • COMM 180
  • ENGL any
  • HIST 205 or 206
  • MUS 143

Encouraged Electives

  • ART 151, particularly for Elementary Education
  • HIST 307, particularly for Elementary Education
  • EDUC courses 215, 225, 302


Dedicated Educators

Aspire also gives students an early introduction to the unifying concept on which Centenary College of Louisiana bases teacher preparation: the Dedicated Educator framework. The four pillars of content knowledge, pedagogy, inquiry, and community and social justice support this framework.

The main objective of the Department of Education is to prepare Dedicated Educators. A Dedicated Educator is one who commits to the personal and professional development and success of learners, colleagues, and self. Dedicated Educators exhibit the knowledge, skills, and dispositions embedded within the framework to effectively promote this development and success.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.