Aspire 4+1 Application Deadlines

All transcripts, scores, and required documents must be received in the Department of Education office by the deadlines for that term.

  • Fall Term Admission – July 1
  • Spring Term Admission – October 15
  • Summer Term Admission – April 1

Admission Requirements and Process

All documents submitted for admission become the property of Centenary College and cannot be returned to the applicants

1. The application packet should include:

a. a completed copy of this application b. A written Response between 200 and 300 words on each of the questions below:

i. Teachers are influential role models to their students and the profession is one that is represented both in the schools and in the community. What we say, how we present ourselves and what we do as professional teachers is extremely important. Imagine parents of the students in your future class are talking about how you represent yourself professionally. What would you want to hear them saying?

ii. Classroom management—the ability to have an orderly, focused, and academically productive environment—is a critical element of teaching. How do you anticipate that your prior experiences as a student (and teacher, if relevant) will influence your own classroom management of a K-12 classroom? iii. When you think about teaching students, in what major ways do you want to influence their lives? How will your students be different as a result of your influence? iv. Is there a type of student that you believe you can teach most effectively? Who? Why?

c. A current Resume.
d. Unofficial copy of your Centenary transcript.

2. Additional required application materials include:

a. Passing scores on the Praxis I –Core Academic Skills for Educators (#5752) as mandated by the State of Louisiana Department of Education (details about the specific Praxis tests is available at

i. Candidates with a Centenary GPA of at least 3.25 at the time of application and a composite ACT score of at least 25 may substitute these credentials for Praxis I scores.

3. Upon receipt of the above materials, references will be contacted. 4. Applicants will be notified about their acceptance into the Aspire 4+1 program which allows students to begin taking MAT coursework.

a. Aspire 4+1 students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their MAT coursework to continue in the program. Additional steps and materials are required prior to undergraduate graduation from Centenary in order to be formally admitted into the MAT program.

1. By November 1 for a December graduation or by April 1 for a May graduation, students must have passing scores on the remaining Praxis tests as mandated by the State of Louisiana Department of Education. The specific tests required will vary depending on the certification area; details about the specific Praxis tests is available online.
a. Praxis II –Content Area
b. Praxis PLT (Principles of Learning and Teaching OR World Languages Pedagogy depending on
certification area)
2. In their final undergraduate semester, applicants will schedule an interview with faculty members of the Department of Education.
3. Applicants must have a career grade point average of 2.5 or better for all undergraduate work pursued, and 3.0 or better for all graduate work.



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