Legion d'honneur

La Légion Louisianaise promotes French and Francophone languages and cultures throughout Louisiana and brings together people with different levels of French language proficiency. La Légion was founded at Centenary in the spring of 2017 with 17 initial members, including three French exchange students. To be eligible for the organization, individuals must be willing to work towards creating a bilingual Louisiana.

French Table

French Table meets every Monday night in James Lobby from 8 - 9 PM. Students can practice their French language skills and learn more about French culture. All skill levels are welcome!

Le Quartier Français

in Le Quartier Français students live and learn together. The program allows students who share similar academic interests, or an interest in a multi-cultural living experience, to live together on a designated residence floor and be completely immersed in the French language experience.

Study Abroad

There are many opportunities for students to study abroad while immersing themselves into French culture. From the Paris Noir Centenary in Paris course, participating in Haiti: Killing with Kindness module or attending one of our exchange universities there are plenty of ways for students to fully immerse themselves in French culture.
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