Placement and Credit Through Examination

Students with at least two years of a foreign language in high school or competent in a foreign language for other reasons are required to demonstrate their level of proficiency through examination prior to enrolling in a foreign-language course or during the first week of classes. Students may receive both advanced placement and credit for elementary and intermediate courses (101, 102; 201,202) on the basis of their scores on examinations administered by the Department of Foreign Languages during orientation or on the
basis of their scores on examinations of the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (AP). For specific information on the AP. See the Chair of the department for information on the scheduling and evaluation of the tests.


Major Requirements for the B.A. In French

  1. Twenty-eight hours (including Senior Seminar, i.e. FLNG 471-73) in the major language numbered above 202, three of which must be selected from conversation laboratories (211, 311).
  2. Supportive courses as follows:

Choose option I or II.
I. Twelve credit hours in English courses numbered above 102.
II. Eight credit hours in English courses numbered above 102, and four credit hours in a history course approved by the advisor.

Strongly recommended are four additional hours in religion or philosophy and eight hours in fine arts.
(Students will also be advised to take, as part of the options above: English 478 or another course with emphasis on critical theory.)


Minor Requirements for French 

  1. Twenty-two credit hours including:
    • Eight credit hours in courses numbered above 300, four of which shall be in literature.
    • Two credit hours selected from conversation laboratories 211, 212; 311, 312.


Departmental Honors

A major may be admitted to the Department’s Honors Program if he or she has attained junior standing and meets the other requirements. For details, consult the department Chair.

Requirements for the B.S. in Business for the Business/Foreign Language Coordinate Program

This coordinate program with the Department of Foreign Languages is designed to prepare students for a career in international business or to work in a business environment where Spanish or French is the predominant language. The student admitted to this program will major in Business Administration with either a Commerce or an International Business Concentration.

  1. Students must complete both the required and supportive courses in the business core.
  2. Students must complete eight hours of upper-level (300+) foreign language courses. These courses should be chosen with the advice of a professor of the chosen language.
  3. The student must experience life in a foreign country. This experience may be completed by means of an international May term, participating in an international study program, or working as an intern in a foreign country. Centenary in Paris does not meet this requirement.
  4. Questions regarding other options for fulfilling the international requirement and general inquiries concerning the program should be addressed to the Dean of the Frost School of Business and the Chair of the Foreign Languages Department


Escadrille Louisiane Program

Escadrille Louisiane is a program for Louisianians with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution who aspire to teach French in Louisiana schools. Named after Escadrille Lafayette, a group of 200 Americans who trained as pilots to fly for the French during World War I, the goal of Escadrille Louisiane is to fill Louisiana schools with qualified and certified fluent-French speakers from Louisiana who have their state’s heritage languages and culture at heart. Learn more about program requirements and the application process. 

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