Psychology is the scientific study of thought, action, and emotion in humans and nonhuman animals. The Department offers a broad range of courses to encourage students to critically analyze why individuals think, act, and feel in the ways they do. A fundamental goal of the Department is to familiarize students with the various techniques used in contemporary social-science research; toward this aim, the Department offers laboratory resources to facilitate the generation of student-managed research projects. Students majoring in psychology often plan to pursue further education in graduate school in psychology or related disciplines, but others use this education as a springboard into medical school, law school, occupational-therapy school, physical-therapy school, or business.




Major for the B.A. in Psychology

A student must complete forty (40) hours in Psychology, including:

A) All of the following foundational content courses:

  • PSY 210, Biological Psychology
  • PSY 230, Cognition
  • PSY 250, Human Growth and Development
  • PSY 260, Social Psychology

B) All of the following skill courses:

  • PSY 205, Introduction to Research Methods & Lab
  • PSY 304, Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 473, Senior Seminar

C) One course from each of the following two (2) knowledge domains:

1) Biological Psychology and Cognition (X10-X39)

  • PSY 317, Sensation and Perception
  • PSY 327, Psychology of Design
  • PSY 329, Brain and Language
  • PSY 410, Advanced Neuroscience

2) Development and Social Processes (X40-X69)

  • PSY 348, Developmental Consequences of Chemical Exposure
  • PSY 352, Language Development
  • PSY 362, Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 363, Forensic Psychology
  • PSY 364, Introduction to Psychological Testing
  • PSY 369, Human Sexuality

D) 4 additional hours in psychology at the 300-level or higher

Students considering psychology for their vocation should be prepared to continue their education at the graduate level.


Minor Requirements

To minor in psychology, a student must complete twenty (20) hours in psychology which meet the following criteria:

  • At least four (4) hours any level from courses in the Biological Psychology and Cognition (X10-X39) domain.
  • At least eight (8) hours any level from courses in Development and Social Processes (X40-X69) domain
  • At least twelve (12) hours must be in courses above the 300 level
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