You may want to bring (or buy after arrival):

  • bathroom towels, toiletries, shower caddy, etc.
  • pillow and bedding, including a blanket when its cold (mattresses are 78” long, so twin extra-long sheets are recommended)
  • computer or tablet (recommended)
  • alarm clock (unless you use your cell phone as one)
  • plastic air-tight food storage containers and dishware (one or two of each is enough: cup, bowl, plate, fork, knife, spoon)
  • fan (can be helpful)
  • cleaning & laundry supplies (your suite bathroom will be cleaned professionally on a regular schedule; it is your responsibility to clean your room):
  • broom and dustpan; laundry bag/basket; laundry soap (liquid or pod); dish soap (liquid)
  • phone (if you don’t use a cell phone, there is a landline phone jack for each student in each room, the landline is a good backup phone)
  • power strip or other multiple electrical outlets/socket device surge protector with a “reset” feature – only those power bars/strips, multiple socket plugs, or extension cords with built-in surge protectors “reset” are allowed
  • everything that you’ll need to go to Paris with your fellow entering classmates, as part of your August class


What you can/can’t bring in regards to...


  • The only pets allowed are fish. All fish must be kept in an aquarium not larger than 15 gallons at all times.
  • Students with an approved service/support animals (eg: a seeing eye dog) are responsible for care including cleanup.
  • Any animal may be removed from the residential buildings if concerns develop or persist (eg: odors, noise, allergies).
  • Weight lifting equipment
  • Barbells, weight lifting equipment, and dumbbells weighing 5 pounds or less are allowed in the residential buildings. There is a wide assortment of weight lifting and other exercise equipment available in the Fitness Center (The Fit).


Candles and incense

  • Neither candles nor incense are allowed in the residential buildings, even if they have never been burned.
  • Electric warmers of scented wax (aka: candle warmers) are allowed and former candles that were never burned and have had the wicks cut off or pulled out may be used with electric warmers of scented wax.



  • Appliances that are NOT allowed in any residential building include: electric skillets, fryers, halogen lights, open electric grills, space heaters, and toaster ovens.
  • Appliances that are ONLY allowed to be used in kitchen areas include: crock pots / slow cookers, induction cooktops, and closed electric grills (eg: George Foreman style grill).
  • Appliances that may be used in a student’s room, but may not be left unattended when turned on and may not be plugged in when not in use include: clothes irons, coffee pots, and electric warmers of scented wax.
  • Appliances that may be left plugged in include: microwave (900 watts max) and mini-refrigerator (1.8 amps max). We request that roommates share one microwave and one refrigerator. We suggest a microwave/refrigerator combination unit with a single plug with the feature of the refrigerator being stopped from cycling on when the microwave is in use to avoid tripping a circuit breaker.


Multiple socket plugs/extension cords, with surge protectors

  • A multiple outlet/socket bar/block/strip, or extension cord must have a built-in surge protector with a “reset” feature.
  • Never have multiple high drain appliances in use simultaneously.
  • If the circuit breaker(s) for your room/suite need to be reset, you may be required to reduce the number of electric and electronic devices in use to conform to the capacity of the electrical system.


Bike or Skateboard

  • We’re a cozy campus, so walking times are short. If you want to bring a bike or skateboard for exercise, you may do so.
  • If you bring a bike, we encourage you to register it with our Department of Public Safety (campus police). You can find the online form by searching the campus website for “Bicycle Registration.”



  • If you bring a vehicle, you’ll need to register it with our Department of Public Safety (campus police). You can find the online form by searching the campus website for “Vehicle Registration.”
  • Your parking permit will be delivered via your campus mailbox. More information is available online in the Student Handbook.


Does the College provide insurance on my belongings?

  • Centenary College assumes no responsibility for your personal belongings.
  • Some home owner policies (and perhaps some renter’s policies) cover dependents living at college, so check your family’s policy.
  • You can inquire with your insurance company (and/or others) about a policy for your items. These are often reasonably priced.
Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.