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Student budgets are an important component in the financial aid process. Standard student budgets reflecting the Centenary average student population cost of attendance at a modest, but adequate standard of living are used to award financial aid. The Director of Financial Aid, on a case-by-case basis, may approve special budget considerations.

Basis for Student Budgets
The director collects information to prepare standard costs on an annual basis.

  • Tuition and Fees
    Tuition and Fees are set each October by the Executive Board.
  • Books and Supplies
    The Books and Supplies allowance is based on the recommendation from the Louisiana Association of Financial Aid Administrators (LASFAA) budget committee.
  • Room and Board
    Room and board expenses are divided into three categories: living on campus, living with parents, and living off-campus. With the exception of on-campus cost set by the Executive Board, these budget allowances are based on the recommendation from the LASFAA budget committee.
  • Transportation
    Transportation costs allowances are based on the recommendation from the LASFAA budget committee.
  • Personal/ Miscellaneous Expenses
    Personal expenses include costs for clothing, toiletries, medical/dental, recreational, and other miscellaneous expenses. These allowances are based on the recommendation from the LASFAA budget committee.

Special Budget Considerations
Upon request, aid officers may review, and if appropriate, adjust a student's budget. Students must submit supporting documentation.

Examples of changes to standard budgets include, but are not limited to:

  1. Childcare - the cost of childcare for parents with dependent children may be added to a standard budget by the Director of Financial Aid. This cost allowance is based on the recommendation of the LASFAA budget committee or by documentation from a recognized childcare provider.
  2. Computer allowance- a reasonable allowance for a computer or rental may be added to the student's budget. This is a one-time adjustment.
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