Centenary College of Louisiana Archives

The College Archives is the repository for all permanent non-current records of enduring administrative, historic, or legal value from the academic and administrative units of Centenary.

These records document the history of Centenary College of Louisiana and its two predecessor institutions. The College Archives includes the board of trustees minutes, faculty minutes, presidents’ papers, and records of the offices and departments of Centenary. Also included are college publications such as course catalogs, yearbooks, student newspapers, faculty newsletters, and alumni magazines. The personal papers of faculty, students, and alumni are located within our Special Collections.

Digital Collections

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Course Catalogs

Annual catalogs contain information about the College, its people, buildings, and history. Title varies slightly: Catalogue, Bulletin, Announcements.


The Yoncopin is the annual student yearbook of Centenary College of Louisiana; it began publication in 1922.

The Pine Burr served as the annual student yearbook of the Centenary Academy; it began publication in 1925.

Student Newspapers

The Conglomerate is the student newspaper of Centenary College of Louisiana; it began publication in 1922. An earlier student publication, The Maroon and White, existed from 1900 until 1921. The Archives is missing some issues of the student newspaper published before 1959. Can you help us complete our collection? First, check our List of Missing Issues.

Le Tintamarre is the French-language student newspaper of Centenary College of Louisiana; it began publication in 1996.

The Educational Echo newspaper documented the activities of Centenary and The Mansfield Female College; it began publication in 1899.

Student Handbooks

Commencement Exercises Programs

Programs list graduates by name. Please note that the programs are not official records of attendance or graduation.

Alumni Magazines

Publication for alumni and friends of Centenary College of Louisiana. Title varies: Centenary College Alumnus (1925), This Is Centenary (1942-1946), Bulletin of Centenary College of Louisiana (1947), This Is Centenary (1947-1968), Alumni Magazine (1969-1970), Centenary (1970-1988), Centenary Today (1988-2005), Centenary Magazine (2006-2010).

Additional Centenary Publications

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