2017-2018 Members

Faculty, Humanities Division
Dr. Gale Odom

Faculty, Natural Sciences Division
Dr. Jarret Richardson

Faculty, Social Sciences Division
Dr. Matt Murphy

President's Administrative Staff Appointee
Mrs. Patty Roberts

Director of Institutional Research, ex-officio
Dr. Katherine Bearden

Provost's Designee, ex-officio
Dr. Karen Soul

Purposes and Responsibilities
This committee will be responsible for analyzing assessment reports submitted concerning the core courses as well as academic program and administrative department reviews. The members of the committee will look for specific learning outcomes or the achievement of goals associated with courses and programs and make specific recommendations to faculty members, department chairs, committees and administration. Should the committee see the need for additional institutional resources to assist a faculty member and/or program to meet its learning outcomes, the Institutional Effectiveness Committee will send such recommendations to the Faculty Personnel Council Development Committee. This committee will also provide faculty members and administrative units with assistance in fashioning assessment techniques.

Three tenured members of the faculty, one from each division, recommended by the Faculty Coordinating Council and appointed by the President, to serve three-year terms; a member of the administrative staff, as designated by the President; the Director of Institutional Research (ex officio and without vote) and the member of the Provost’s staff responsible for assessment (ex officio and without vote). The committee chair will be elected from the faculty members of the committee.


Last updated 29 August 2017