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2018-2019 Members

Faculty Member
Dr. Amy Hammond, Chair

Faculty Member
Dr. Rebecca Murphy

Member - Non Scientist
Dr. Chris Ciocchetti

External Member
Maria Edwards

Additional Member
Dr. Katherine Bearden


Centenary College IRB Human Subjects Research Review Process



The I.R.B. shall be comprised of five members with diverse backgrounds, each appointed by the Provost. These shall include:

  • Three faculty members.
  • At least one member not affiliated with a scientific discipline.
  • At least one member unaffiliated with Centenary College.
  • Representation of persons whose primary concern is the protection of "vulnerable" subjects, such as children or institutionalized persons.



The I.R.B. shall normally meet with a majority of members present, and a majority vote shall be required for decisions. Exclusions from this rule are only permissible under expedited procedures and exemptions for low risk research, as specifically allowed under H.H.S Guidelines. Members with conflicts of interest in a particular research project shall be excluded from all decisions related to that research.



Last updated 04 September 2018