2018-2019 Members

Dr. Christopher L. Holoman

Dr. Jenifer K. Ward

Vice President for Finance & Administration
Mr. Bob Blue

Vice President for Advancement
Mr. Fred Landry

Vice President for Enrollment Services
Mr. Calhoun Allen

Associate Vice President for Marketing

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Dr. Karen Soul

Dean of Student Life
Mr. Mark Miller

Director of Athletics and Recreation

Chair, Faculty Coordinating Council
Dr. Chad Fulwider

Chair, Academic Policy Council

Chair, Faculty Personnel Council

President, SGA 
Mr. Amir Kaskas

Chaplain and Director of the Christian Leadership Center 
Rev. Lindy Broderick

Purposes and Responsibilities

The Planning and Policy Advisory Council advises on all aspects of the College's operation, as directed by the President of the College. It provides a broad base of conversation for strategic planning for the College, contributes to the framework of annual budgeting of the College and approves the academic calendar.


The Planning and Policy Advisory Council is composed of the President of the College, individuals holding Cabinet-level positions, the chair of the Faculty Coordinating Council, the President of the Student Government Association, and any other members at the discretion of the President of the College.


Last updated 27 August 2018