2017-2018 Members

Provost's Designee, ex-officio
Dr. Karen Soul

Faculty-Dean of the School of Business
Dr. Harold Christensen

Academic Policy Council Representative

Currently Enrolled Graduate Student

Purposes and Responsibilities
This Committee is responsible for developing the criteria for admission to graduate programs and satisfactory progress toward degrees; and for policies pertaining to personnel, curricula, degree requirements, and finances. The Graduate Council approves program-specific changes and recommends to the faculty college-wide policies pertaining to all programs. The committee shall report all of its actions promptly to the Academic Policy Council, normally through its minutes and reports at Faculty Meetings.

The committee is composed of one faculty representative appointed by each department with an active graduate program, one faculty representative from the Academic Policy Council, one graduate student nominated by the graduate faculty representatives on the Subcommittee, and the Provost (ex officio and without vote). Graduate student representation will rotate annually among active graduate programs.


Last updated 29 August 2017