I. Motor Vehicle Policy

These regulations are based on the principle that operating a motor vehicle on the Centenary College campus is a PRIVILEGE granted by the College. It is not an inherent right of any faculty or staff member, student or visitor. The College has adopted the following regulations to insure safe, courteous and orderly vehicle operation and parking. It is the responsibility of the driver to know and follow these regulations or they will be cited for any violations. Vehicle registration is required for any vehicle operated by a member of the College community on the College campus. In accordance with Louisiana state law, any vehicle operated on the campus must contain proof of liability insurance. Centenary College assumes no responsibility, nor creates any liability, for the care and/or protection of any vehicle, or its contents, while it is on campus.

II. Vehicle Registration and Fees

A. All faculty, staff and students are required to register any vehicle which they anticipate using during the academic year.

1. Each person is allowed only one vehicle on campus at a time.
2. If multiple vehicles are registered by one person, they should move the hangtag to whichever vehicle they are using that day.

B. Individuals may register only those vehicles to which they, their spouse, parents or guardians hold the title or lien.

C. If the vehicle you are using on campus changes during the year, you must email your new vehicle information to dps@centenary.edu.

D. All Decals are good for one year, expiring on the 15th of August each year.

E. Registration of a vehicle does not guarantee a parking space in a particular lot.

F. Parking lot assignments are made on a first come first serve basis.

1. Decals for Lots 1 and 10 are first issued to resident students classified as seniors and juniors.
2. If additional decals are available for Lot 1 and Lot 10 after the second week of the fall semester, DPS will send out an email to all students stating their availability. These decals will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

G. Faculty, Staff and Students should register their vehicles online prior to the beginning of the fall semester each year to ensure that they do not receive any campus citations.

H. In order for the registration process to proceed in an orderly fashion the Department of Public Safety establishes a registration schedule every year. Contact DPS to view the schedule.

1. To register a vehicle, use our secure online vehicle registration form.
2. Complete all the blanks on the form.
3. Click on “Accept” at the bottom of the screen to submit.
4. You will receive your parking Decal through campus mail. Graduate students, however, should pick up their Decal at their department office.
5. Vehicles may be registered throughout the year through the same process.

I. Vehicle Registration Forms, Decals, and Campus Citations are official documents of the College. Anyone caught falsifying, altering or mutilating official documents will be subject to disciplinary action.

J. If a decal is lost or stolen the registrant is responsible for filing a written report with the Department of Public Safety as soon as possible.

K. Temporary Parking Permits

1. Overnight visitors to the campus should obtain temporary parking permits from the Department of Public Safety Office at Centenary Square (on the northeast corner of the intersection Kings Highway and Woodlawn Avenue). There is no charge for temporary parking permits for visitors to Centenary College.
2. Students, Faculty and Staff who forget their parking decal may also obtain a temporary permit from the Department of Public Safety Office

a. Students may obtain two temporary parking permits each semester at no charge.
b. Students will be charged two dollars for each additional temporary parking permit.\

3. If a member of the College community becomes temporarily disabled he/she may request a temporary campus “Disability” permit

a. In order to obtain this permit the registrant must provide a doctor’s excuse.
b. “Disability” permits are for campus use only. This permit allows the registrant to park in any regular parking space on campus to reduce the amount of necessary walking, however, it does not permit the registrant to park in a handicapped spot as these are regulated by state law nor in reserved spaces.
c. The temporary parking permits are generally only valid for a period of two weeks.


III. Fees

A. Description of fees:

1. Academic Year – Resident $120.00
2. Academic Year – Commuter $60.00
3. One Semester – Resident $60.00
4. One Semester – Commuter $30.00
5. Replacement decal $5.00

B. The Department of Public Safety will place these charges on your account at the beginning of the academic school year or each semester.

C. All students are automatically charged for a parking permit.

1. If a resident student has no vehicle on campus, they may request a refund.
2. Refunds/Credits will be placed on or after Sept. 1st.
3. Commuters are ineligible for refunds.


IV. Display of Parking Decal

A. A decal must be displayed properly on a vehicle any time that it is parked on campus.

B. Parking decals are hangtags, which should be displayed from the rearview mirror when the vehicle is parked with the picture side visible to the exterior of the vehicle.

1. Open top vehicles and vehicles without a rearview mirror or other impediments to hanging the decal should tape their decal to the inside of the front windshield in the lower right-hand corner.

2. Temporary permits should be placed on the inside of the front windshield in the lower right-hand corner.

C. The registrant is responsible for having the correct decal displayed on their vehicle. Any change in status affecting a parking area (such as moving from a residence hall off campus, moving from an off-campus residence onto campus, or moving to a different residence hall) must be reported to the Department of Public Safety within 3 working days in order to obtain the proper decal.

1. To request a different decal simply state the reason for your request in an e-mail to dps@centenary.edu.

D. Improper display of a decal or failure to display a decal is considered a parking violation and is treated accordingly.


V. Parking Lot Assignments:

A. Every parking permit has primary lot(s) and overflow parking lots.

B. The parking lot signs are color coded to assist you in determining if you are able to park in a given lot. If the color on your parking decal appears on the parking lot sign you are able to park there with the exception of special events.

C. Some parking lots open up after hours to all decals. Visitors and vehicles registered for other lots may park in these lots from 1700 PM until 0700 AM. In the description that follows an asterisk * denotes these lots.

D. Description of Parking Lots (see campus map)

1. Lot #1: Located in front of Hardin, James and Sexton residence halls. Reserved for Decal 1 only.
2. Lot #2: Located behind Hardin, James Annex and the tennis courts. Reserved for decals marked 1 or 2.
3.  Lot #3: It is the lot located adjacent to Wilkinson Dr. behind the residence halls. It is an overflow lot. Any vehicle with a valid decal and visitors to the College may park in this lot.
4. Lot #4: It is the paved lot located adjacent to Wilkinson Dr. behind the Dining Hall and the Marjorie Lyons Playhouse. It is open to any valid decal and visitors to the College.
5. Lot #5: Located on the east side of the Dining hall and behind the Anderson Choral building. Reserved for faculty, staff and Handicap.*
6. Lot #6: Is Woodlawn Ave. It is a commuter lot that may also be used by a vehicle with any valid decal or visitors to the College.
7. Lot #7: Located on the north side of Centenary Square. It is open to any valid decal.
8. Lot #8: Located between the Smith building and Lot 6. It is reserved for Decal 8, 10 and Faculty/Staff.
9. Lot #9: Is the Mickle service drive. It is reserved for Faculty and Staff.*
10. Lot #10:Located between Cline and Haynes Fitness Center. It is reserved for decals marked 10. Patrons of the Fitness Center should not park in this lot.
11. Lot #11: Located in front of Rotary Hall. This lot extends all the way to Centenary Blvd. Reserved for decal 11 and visitors only.
12. Lot #12*: Located east of Meadows Museum and Sam Peters Bldg. It ends with the curb on the west side of Jackson Hall. Note: It does not include any parking spaces south of Jackson Hall or Sam Peters Bldg. This lot is reserved for decals 11 and Faculty/Staff.
13. Lot #13: Located on the west and south side of Building 2910, north of the Turner Art Center. It is reserved for Commuter, Faculty/Staff decals and visitors.*
14. Lot #14: Located at 2800 Centenary Blvd., the temporary Science Building. It is open to any valid decal with reserved spaces for Faculty/Staff.
15. Lot #15: Located at 3100 Woodlawn Ave., the Football Locker Area. It is reserved for Faculty/Staff.
16. Lot #16: The baseball field parking lot. It is reserved for faculty/staff and visitors. Students are not permitted to park in this lot.
17. Lot #17: The small paved lot directly on the West side of the Gold Dome. It is reserved for faculty/staff and visitors. Students are not permitted to park in this lot.
18. Lot #18: The gravel lot on the West side of the Gold Dome. This lot is open to any valid decal.
15. SUB: Located on the north side of the Student Union Bldg. Access to this area is restricted to emergency, service or other pre-approved vehicles.


VI. Section 1.05 Traffic Policies and Violations

A. Centenary College campus is a legal school zone. The speed limit is 15mph. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of whether or not school is in session.

B. All accidents involving injuries or property damage must be reported to the College Police Department and/or the Shreveport Police Department.

C. Campus Moving Violations:

1. Failure to yield to a pedestrian
2. Driving the wrong way
3. Driving around/through a barricade
4. Failure to obey a Police Officer
5. “Joy Riding” or “landscaping”
6. Speeding
7. Reckless operation of a vehicle


VII. Parking Violations

A. Parking Violations include but are not limited to:

1. Parking on campus without a decal or with an expired decal.
2. Improper display of decal.
3. Parking in a Fire Zone as indicated by a red curb or in front of a fire hydrant.
4. Parking in an area designated as either a handicapped parking spot or an area reserved for handicap access such as ramps. These areas are marked in light blue.
5. Parking in the wrong lot for your decal.
6. Parking in a reserved area or spaces denoted for special parking (i.e. President, RD, visitor, barricaded spots etc.)
7. Parking in a no parking zone or area designated with yellow curbs, control signs or barricades.
8. Parking is not permitted on Centenary Blvd.
9. Parking on the grass or sidewalk. The area in front of Hardin Residence Hall is considered a sidewalk.
10. Exceeding the allotted amount of time in a timed parking zone or not using emergency flashers.
11. Parking at businesses surrounding Centenary College unless you are a patron of the business at the time your vehicle is parked there.
12. Improper parking which includes but is not limited to the following violations:

a. Parking a vehicle in a manner that takes up two parking spaces.
b. Double-parking a vehicle (parking a vehicle so it blocks in another vehicle.)
c. Parking in the travel lanes/driveways of any parking lot.
d. Backing into a space against the flow of traffic on a one way street

B. Inclement weather, absence of a parking space or the fact that others are parked illegally are not valid excuses for parking illegally.


VIII. Penalties for parking and traffic violations

A. Parking and traffic violations may result in parking citations, use of an immobilizer, towing and/or banning.

B. Vehicles may be towed in the following situations:

1. Vehicles presenting a hazard to campus safety will be towed at the expense of the owner or registrant.
2. If an individual has been duly notified that his/her vehicle is barred from campus but he or she continues to park on campus.
3. A motor vehicle does not display a license plate and/or does not have a Vehicle Identification Number that can be read.
4. A motor vehicle, which blocks, hinders, or obstructs a legally parked vehicle, trash dumpster, crosswalk, sidewalk, handicapped access area, service drive or loading zone.
5. An individual who parks in a reserved area as indicated by signs, parking cones or barricades.
6. Parking in a fire lane as indicated with a red curb.
7. Parking in designated handicapped parking space without an official State handicapped license plate, placard or hangtag. Parking in a handicap access area marked in blue such as curb cuts and/or ramps.
8. A vehicle that does not display a current parking decal which has received a parking citation on 3 different dates and the operator of the vehicle has not reported to the Department of Public Safety to identify him/herself as the person who has received the citations.
9. When a vehicle becomes inoperable and/or cannot be parked in the proper area, the driver or registrant must immediately notify the Department of Public Safety.

a. Inoperable vehicles must be removed from campus within 72 hours after notification or they may be towed at the owner’s/registrant’s expense.
b. An inoperable vehicle presenting a hazard to traffic will be towed immediately.

10. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense three days from the date of being identified.

C. Motor vehicle immobilizer

1. Motor vehicle immobilizer may be placed on a vehicle in the following situations:

a. Any vehicle that could be towed may be immobilized in lieu of towing at the discretion of the officer.

b. An individual or vehicle that has received a parking citation on four different dates during the current semester.

2. Individuals are strictly prohibited from removing the immobilizer.
3. Bar Status

a. An individual may lose parking privileges in the following situations.
b. Any motor vehicle that has received more than 5 violations (on separate days) in a single semester will forfeit their normal parking privileges for a period of a month.
c. Any vehicle which the Department of Public Safety determines does not have proof of liability insurance will be barred from campus until the owner/registrant provides proof of insurance to the Department of Public Safety.
d. Vehicles that have been barred will only be allowed to park at the Gold Dome.

4. The bar status will not be lifted until all parking fines have been paid or a payment plan has been approved by both the Business Office and the Department of Public Safety.


IX. Fines

A. Minor Moving Violation Fines - $50.00

1. Driving the wrong way
2. Driving around/through a barricade
3. Failure to obey a Police Officer
4. “Joy Riding” or “landscaping”

B. Major Moving Violations - $75.00

1. Failure to yield to a pedestrian
2. Speeding
3. Reckless operation of a vehicle
4. Failure to stop at a stop sign

C. Parking Violation Fines

1. No Decal $60
2. Expired Decal $40
3. Improper Display $10
4. Fire Zone $100
5. No Parking Zone $75
6. Grass/Walk $75
7. Wrong Lot $25
8. Handicap $100
9. Reserved Area $50
10.Timed Zone $50
11. Improper Parking $50

X. General Provisions

A. The registrant of a vehicle is responsible for all citations issued to his/her vehicle and/or decal including those incurred by others.

B. The driver of a non-registered vehicle is responsible for all citations issued regardless of ownership. If the driver of an unregistered vehicle is a student the student will also be charged for a parking decal.

C. The same fines apply to all faculty, staff and students of the College.

D. A vehicle does not have to be stopped and a ticket issued at the time that the violation is committed. If an officer can positively identify a fleeing vehicle and/or driver a citation may be placed on the vehicle later or mailed to the registrant.

E. If an individual does not receive a parking citation that has been properly issued, it does not relieve that individual of responsibility for any fines.

F. Students who fail to pay their fines may be prevented from graduating, future registration and/or release of transcripts.

G. Several violations may be listed on one citation.

H. Fines for campus citations

1. The total fine will include the offense fee, towing or immobilizing fee and the repair cost (if any) for any damage resulting from the moving violation.
2. If more than one violation is listed on the citation the total fine will be the sum of the individual fines for the various violations.
3. Moving violation and Parking fines will be charged to the registrant or vehicle owner/custodian’s account. All these fines should be paid to the Business Office before the end of each semester.
4. Students who do not pay outstanding parking and traffic citations will have a hold placed on their academic transcripts.
5. Students who have not paid outstanding Parking and Traffic fines may also be prevented from registering for the upcoming semester. The Department of Public Safety will not consider Appeals during registration periods. The only exceptions to this will be tickets that were issued since the last billing statement.
6. Employees who do not pay outstanding parking and traffic assessments will have the amount deducted from their paycheck.
7. Fines for citations are calculated on a semester basis.

I. Towing:

1. The fee will be paid to the Wrecker service contracted to conduct the tow.
2. The fee will be the total cost of the tow.
3. This fee only covers the cost of the towing, it does not include the fines associated with the current or previous citations

J. Immobilization:

1. Before an officer will remove an immobilizer the driver of the vehicle must pay a $25.00 fee in the form of cash or a check to the Department of Public Safety.

2. This fee only covers the cost of the Immobilizer. It does not include the fines associated with the current or previous citations.
3. The driver must contact the Business Office and make payment arrangements for any outstanding fines within three working days. Failure to make arrangements or payment will result in the vehicle being barred from campus.
4. If the immobilizer is removed by anyone other than the Department of Public Safety the registrant or owner of the vehicle will be charged $100.00

a. If the immobilizer is damaged the registrant or owner of the vehicle will be the charged full replacement cost.


XI. Appeals

A. Most campus citations issued by Department of Public Safety personnel may be appealed.

1. Appeals for citations written for parking in a Handicap Space without a state issued handicap placard or license on the dash, or license plate will not be accepted.
2. Appeals for Citations written for parking in a Fire Zone for any reason will not be accepted.

B. All appeals must be submitted within the academic year that they were written. 
C. All appeals must be submitted through the DPS website. 
D. Appeals are reviewed by the Department of Public Safety's Appeals Committee, which consists of students and Public Safety Officers. The registrant will be notified of the Appeals Committee's decision through e-mail.

1. If the registrant believes that the Appeals Committee made an error in their decision he/she may request an appeal to the Director of Public Safety. The registrant will be notified of the director's decision through e-mail. The decision of the Director of Public Safety is final.

Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.