Donor Profile: Gray and Suzanne Sexton 

Gray '64 and his wife Suzanne Sexton have been affiliated with Centenary College for more than 50 years. Gray always wanted to attend Centenary and was the recipient of a music scholarship in 1960. He says he has always considered Centenary one of Louisiana’s jewels. And, as the oldest school west of the Mississippi, the College has served a vital role in higher education for almost 200 years.

Gray is proud of his affiliation with Centenary College and finds something truly unique about being a Centenary Gent. “Its reputation for academic excellence and world class music and its emphasis on selectivity have always been an inspiration to me.”

He wants Centenary to continue doing what it does best, “providing a highly selective group of students with a first class liberal arts education at an economic value that is second to none.” Through the support of donors, especially members of the President’s Circle, Centenary will continue doing what it does best. “Private funding undergirds a tuition structure that makes Centenary’s superior quality of educational experience accessible to all qualified students,” says Gray.

Of the many organizations worthy of their support, the one the Sextons consistently choose to donate to is Centenary College. “I cannot imagine an organization with a more glorious history than Centenary College warranting our support, financial and otherwise.”