Donor Profile: Paul and Catherine Harper

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Paul and Catherine Harper

Alumni Paul ‘79 and Catherine ‘78 Harper have been affiliated with Centenary College for more than 43 years.

Their fondest memories at Centenary include their interactions with the professors who did so much for them hosting dinners, arranging tours across the world, letting them borrow books, staying late for tutoring, getting to know them, caring about their goals, and helping them succeed.  

“We also fondly remember walking anytime during the day or evening to the Hurley School of Music for an impromptu concert/recital or the Marjorie Lyons Playhouse for a play,” says Catherine.

Paul and Catherine (aka Cathy) met at Centenary in 1975 and started dating when they both settled in Dallas after graduation. They married at Centenary’s Brown Memorial Chapel and now have two grown children, Emma and Charles, who live in Los Angeles and Washington DC, respectively. 

“We received so much from Centenary in the form of education, experiences, and friends with whom we still keep in contact and treasure after all these years,” said Paul. “Centenary instills the notion that students can do anything. And we’ve personally seen this come true in our friends’ personal and professional accomplishments.”

Paul has three bachelor degrees from Centenary: business, economics, and petroleum land management, with a masters from the American Graduate School of International Management. He currently works as a Staff Landman for Pioneer Natural Resources.

Catherine graduated from Centenary in three years (1978) and is currently Intake Specialist at the Center of Hope (a women’s and children’s homeless shelter.) Catherine is so grateful for the financial assistance she received as a student worker in the Dean of Students Office. “Working for Joy Jeffers and the work experience in general was invaluable.”

Paul and Catherine are members of Highland Park United Methodist Church and have continued to support and promote the college.