With more than 95% of Centenary students receiving some type of financial aid, donations to the College's scholarship fund are crucial in providing the resources necessary to offer the Centenary Experience to all qualified students. Additionally, gifts to the Centenary Fund help keep the College affordable and competitive with other private liberal arts colleges.

Unrestricted donations to the Centenary Fund benefit Centenary students, programs, and professors. Your annual gift will make a positive impact on the needs of all our Ladies and Gents, faculty, and staff.

Centenary Fund FAQs

Why is the Centenary Fund necessary?

With more than 95% of all Centenary students receiving some level of financial assistance, tuition, and auxiliary income are simply not enough to cover all annual expenses of the College. The Centenary Fund supports student programs and services, annual scholarships, faculty and academic enrichment, campus improvements, and other programs that make the difference between the maintenance of a great college and the evolution of an extraordinary one.

Who supports the Centenary Fund?

Each year, more than 1,000 alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the College contribute more than $4 million to the Centenary Fund, making the transformational experience of a Centenary education possible for current and future Ladies and Gents.

How is the Centenary Fund run?

The Centenary Fund is an initiative of the Development Division at Centenary College. The Development Division coordinates the internal operations of the effort by organizing mailings, personal solicitations, phonathons, emails, and social media communications.

The Centenary Fund is run on a fiscal year basis. Solicitations for gifts begin in July and all gifts recorded before June 30 each year will be credited during that fund year. Opportunities to give are made through the mail, phonathons, online giving, and/or personal solicitations from our staff.

What are the goals of this year’s Centenary Fund?

Increasing overall participation by Centenary’s stakeholders in advancing the mission of the College is the primary goal. Support by alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends is an important factor considered by corporations and foundations that award grants and by organizations that review Centenary and its programs.

All gifts are welcome and appreciated as an important indicator of support for the mission of Centenary College. Any gift can make a difference, no matter what amount, to help fulfill the promise at Centenary.

Why is alumni participation so important to the Centenary Fund?

Increasing alumni giving participation signals satisfaction and support for Centenary to our key constituencies.

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