Centenary awards diplomas during 2018 commencement exercises

SHREVEPORT, LA - Centenary College of Louisiana held commencement exercises for the Class of 2018 on Saturday, May 5 at the Gold Dome, recognizing students earning bachelor of arts and science degrees as well as awarding 32 master's degrees in education or business. Seven undergraduate students earned two degrees.

Ten students graduated summa cum laude, earning grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Eleven students earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and 10 achieved cum laude, with a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA.

Beth Courtney, president and CEO of Louisiana Public Broadcasting, delivered the commencement address and received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree during the morning ceremony. Jennifer L. Donner, garden and wellness coordinator at the Martin Luther King Health Center and Pharmacy in Shreveport, also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.


Gage A. Dabin

Rebekah Danielle Frazier

Connor Renee Harwood

Laura Ozley Hirsch

Brianna Latrice Jackson

Nicholas T. Sacco

Jeffrey Lance Scott Jr.

Alexander Michael Shannon

Kieley Simonsen

Nakoma La’nette Walker



Taylor Rae Ackerman

Aakriti Bhandari

Michael Melvin Brackman

Mickaela Clark

Kayla Danyelle Laws

Kaitlyn Ann Mussio

Marina Ester Perez Quiñones

Monica LeBlanc Smith

Halen Elyse Sumner

Colton Ray Toups

Jessica Quyen Truong



Grant Charles Debevec

Caitlyn Marie Faulhaber

Ethan Shannon Hyatt

Mason Scott Kay

Hannah Marie Kimbrough

Andrew Donavon Koepnick

Ian Spencer Naron

David Boyd Westbrook

Ashley Sharon White

Amanda Halley Willis



Aakriti Bhandari, Biochemistry

Gage A. Dabin, English

Gage A. Dabin, Political Science

Rebekah Danielle Frazier, Biology

Zachary Richard Harrison, Geology

Mason Scott Kay, Biology

Kaitlyn Ann Mussio, Chemistry

Ian Spencer Naron, Biology

Jeffrey Lance Scott Jr., Biology

Alexander Michael Shannon, Music

Halen Elyse Sumner, Biology

Jessica Quyen Truong, Biology

Nakoma La’nette Walker, Biochemistry

Andrianna Josephine Walsh, Biology



Taylor Rae Ackerman, Theatre

Matthew Alexander Banks, Individualized Major: Media Management: The Business of Media

Zoe E. Blanchard, Psychology

Michael Melvin Brackman, Political Science/French

Pamela C. Rogers-Bradford, Art: Studio Arts

Jessica Anne Bruti, Psychology

Mickaela Clark, Religious Studies

Toby Christen Crouch, Art: Studio Arts/Psychology

Gage A. Dabin, English and Political Science

Haley Deshautelle, Sociology

Caroline Dopson, Theatre

Emily Elizabeth Duet, Psychology

Anna Medora Dunn, Psychology

Julia Leigh Eckelkamp, Theatre

Shakira J. Edwards, Music: Choral Music

Toni L. Ficarra, Psychology

Connie Aletha Ford, Biology

Mallory Elise Ford, Psychology

Gabriela Crystina Giamalva, Psychology

Connor Renee Harwood, Political Science

Taylor Dean Henry, Theatre

Carissa Belle Herndon, English: Literary Studies

Laura Ozley Hirsch, Psychology

Peyton Michelle Hurst, Psychology

Ramanda Rogen James, Communication: Professional Writing

Marie Christine Kadesky, Art: Studio Arts

Courtney N. Kale, Political Science

Hannah Marie Kimbrough, Psychology

Kayla Danyelle Laws, Economics

Allison Rohe Lazewski, Sociology

Samantha Elise Lyons, Biology

Anzhanne Mellaura Almedgia Mackyeon, Individualized Major: Religious Anthropology

Timothy Alexander McCoy, Music: Performance

LeRoy McCray, Theatre

Anthony Patrick McDonald, Political Science/History

Bailey Suzanne McDonald, Religious Studies

Montel Megal McKenzie, Theatre

Haley Dyan Miller, History

Kaitlyn Anne Mussio, French

Tyler Lee Nale, Art: Studio Arts

Marina Ester Perez Quiñones, French

Monica Nicole Rogers, Psychology

Roberto Alejandro Roig-Perez, Communication: New Media Design

Alexander Michael Shannon, Music

Kieley Simonsen, Music: Performance

Aaliyah Marie Thomas, Music: Choral Music

Sarah Elizabeth Wann, Psychology

David Boyd Westbrook, Music: Performance and Philosophy

Ashley Sharon White, Communication: Professional Writing

Danny Brooks Williams, Economics

Amanda Halley Willis, History

Christopher P. Zapata, Sociology

Jada Armada Zenella, English



Taylor Elizabeth Adair, Biology

Danielle Elizabeth Adams, Biology

Kaleb Andrew Behm, Business Administration: Finance

Aakriti Bhandari, Biochemistry/Neuroscience

Chase Vince Clark, Business Administration: Commerce

Grant Charles Debevec, Geology

Caitlyn Marie Faulhaber, Accounting

Michael Scott Francis, II, Business Administration: Finance

Rebekah Danielle Frazier, Biology

Desiree Alexis Frey, Business Administration: Commerce

Shatavia K. Fullwood, Business Administration

Gabriela Crystina Giamalva, Neuroscience

Lydia Bené Grafton, Chemistry (ACS Accredited)

Ian Jacob Graham, Business Administration: Finance

Zachary Richard Harrison, Individualized Major: Geological Resource Management

Jessie Serena Heflin, Biology

Merek Steven Holzrichter, Business Administration: Management

Ethan Shannon Hyatt, Psychology

Brianna Latrice Jackson, Biology and Chemistry

Mason Scott Kay, Biology

William Kaleb Kirk, Geology

Travion DeAndre’ Kirkendoll, Business Administration: Accounting

Andrew Donavon Koepnick, Biology

Cole Edward Lavergne, Business Administration

Samtorian Allegon Martin, Accounting

Kaylee Paige McDowell, Business Administration

Kaitlyn Ann Mussio, Chemistry

Ian Spencer Naron, Biology/Neuroscience

Matthew Thomas Nunn, Mathematics: Theoretical Mathematics

Marina Ester Perez Quiñones, Accounting

Aaron L. Quintanilla, Business Administration

Nicholas T. Sacco, Accounting

Jeffrey Lance Scott Jr., Biology/Neuroscience

Alexander Michael Shannon, Mathematics: Theoretical Mathematics

Monica LeBlanc Smith, Accounting

Connor Dennis-Gillis Soblom, Business Administration

Riley Morgan Spudic, Biology

Halen Elyse Sumner, Biology/Neuroscience

Colton Ray Toups, Biochemistry and Neuroscience

Cathy Elise Tran, Biology

Jessica Quyen Truong, Biology

Christine D.C. Vu Nguyen, Business Administration: Commerce

Irza Wajid, Biology

Nakoma La’nette Walker, Biochemistry/Biology

Andrianna Josephine Walsh, Biology

Dyllon Eugene Weaver, Business Administration

Rylan James Whan, Geology


Angélica Adame-Téllez ’15, Elementary Education

Peter Bowling Anderson, Secondary Education: English

Evan Michael Arceneaux, Elementary Education

Lauren Alice Benoit ’16, Choral Music Education

Hannah Elizabeth Bergeron ’16, Elementary Education

Alexandra Renee Chestnas, Elementary Education

Taylor Lynn Deville, Elementary Education

Kelsi A. Dougherty, Elementary Education

William K. Fain, Secondary Education: Social Studies

Joseph H. Jarboe, Secondary Education: English

Mamie Elizabeth Lane, Elementary Education

Morgan Pereira Leachman, Elementary Education

Margot Le Garrec Marks, Elementary Education

John Justin McDearmont, Secondary Education: Social Studies

Rachel E. McNerney, Secondary Education: Mathematics

Stephen D. Meaux, Elementary Education

Ann Marie Mefford, Elementary Education

Kimberly A. Moon, Secondary Education: English

Michelle Beth Newman, Choral Music Education

Lauren Marie Petrosh, Secondary Education: Chemistry

Keith N. Rhodes, Elementary Education

Arcemio Tyrone Smith, Choral Music Education

Regina Amy Sullivan, Elementary Education

Faith Christiana Terket, Secondary Education: Biology

Emily H. Thibodeaux, Elementary Education

Nicole Anne Tiedge ’15, Elementary Education

Heather Michelle Wendt, Secondary Education: Social Studies



Mary Elizabeth Bean

Lindsey Beckham

Colton R. Kyle

Lorna Stringer Rawls ‘85

Amanda Marchand Simpson



Elizabeth Hardy Courtney, Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa

Jennifer Louise Donner, Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa






Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy The institution does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or on any other basis proscribed by federal, state, or local law.