Centenary expands Apogee partnership with managed campus services

SHREVEPORT, LA —Centenary College has recently invested in important upgrades to its campus-wide Wi-Fi to facilitate student learning, research capabilities, collaboration, and security. By expanding its 13-year partnership for ResNet services with Apogee, the only managed services provider focused solely on higher education, Centenary now offers a ubiquitous, fast campus-wide wireless experience for students, faculty, and staff. Ease of network administration and operations have improved, and the expanded partnership has assisted in some of the compliance requirements within the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), a federal law for financial institutions that applies to how higher education institutions collect, store, and use student financial records.

“The rise of blended learning, the explosion of devices and video streaming, along with the need to drive innovation to ensure student success, convinced us that the upgrade of our Wi-Fi network to every corner of campus was of utmost priority,” said Dr. Christopher Holoman, Centenary president. “We also wanted to stay ahead of GBLA requirements to ensure the protection of sensitive student personal and financial information, and to provide cybersecurity that assures a safe college experience for our students and their families.”

Doing all this with Centenary’s small IT staff would have been a tall task, so the College decided to expand its partnership with Apogee to deliver the new solutions. Apogee now delivers campus-wide managed network services, providing Centenary with internet connectivity, reliability, performance, IT service and support, and financial predictability. Additionally, the partnership has enabled Centenary to put the policies in place to tackle GBLA audit requirements head-on.

Centenary’s new Wi-Fi network provides blended learning opportunities for students to connect to live lectures remotely and view recorded lecture material online. Apogee’s Managed Campus solution is also addressing many of the GLBA audit focus points. From network segmentation to network access control, Apogee’s solution along with Centenary’s IT team has been able to put policies in place and freed up the Centenary IT team to meet the compliance requirements.

The new managed campus network provides a predictable funding model, comprehensive support, SLA-driven performance metrics, and regular equipment refreshes to ensure the network is always up-to-date and modernized. By eliminating the upfront capital and time commitment needed for a typical campus wide refresh, the IT team can focus all time and attention tackling tasks and projects like GLBA compliance and other strategic initiatives.

“Back in 2009, Centenary made a strategic decision to outsource and partnered with Apogee to build a solid foundation to support bandwidth needs well into the future with ResNet for on-campus living environments. Apogee was selected for their technical expertise, cost savings and availability of a dedicated team to ensure efficient installation, support, and expansion,” said Scott Merritt, Director of Information Services. “Now, more than 13 years later, this partnership continues to thrive, and helps us ensure an exceptional student, faculty, and staff experience. Now we have a solid path for our entire campus study, teach, and work efficiently in a time when a trusted network is non-negotiable.”

According to Matt Loecke, Executive Vice President of Sales at Apogee, “The foundation of our business is helping colleges and universities harness technology to drive their strategic initiatives for improved outcomes. We are deeply grateful for our long-term partnership with Centenary College and are proud to be able to provide the most advanced networking technologies and support, giving them the optimum IT environment and educational experiences that they deserve.”

About Apogee

Apogee is the only managed services provider with a sole focus on higher education. Fueled by a community of more than 1,000,000 students and administrators nationwide, Apogee’s 20 years of experience living and breathing higher education provides a unique understanding of the connection between technology and student vitality. The company is committed to redefining the student campus life experience. Visit Apogee at apogee.us.


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