Centenary grad earns international recognition as photographer

SHREVEPORT, LA — Luke Edmonson has been a busy man since his years at Centenary College. Since his graduation in 1997, he has been professionally involved in wedding photography with his father, David Edmonson. His hard work has earned him several impressive accolades, including being named the 2014 Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) "International Photographer of the Year" and acceptance as the youngest current member of Cameracraftsmen of America, one of the oldest and most prestigious photographic groups in the country.

Edmonson also stays involved as a member and judge of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), through which he has had the chance to form connections with other people in the industry.

"I never would have entered this competition if it weren't for the relationships we've made with the Aussies through WPPI," Edmonson told Photo Forward regarding his AIPP award. "I know that winning had a great deal to do with what I've learned through competing and judging for WPPI. It goes hand in hand."

Though he has come a long way since his education at Centenary, he recalls enjoying being involved on campus and taking advantage of several of the extracurriculars offered.

"I served as an athletic trainer for the men and women's soccer teams, and many of those athletes remain some of my best friends," says Edmonson. "I was also a DJ at 91.3 KSCL for several years. My first published work and exhibition in college was in the Centenary Conglomerate."

As a third-generation photographer, the business was already in Edmonson's blood. However, he wasn't sure that he actually wanted to pursue photography until he came to Centenary.

"My biggest influences were Bruce Allen and Jeff Hendricks, who led the push to bring Film to Centenary and the Art department," recalls Edmonson. "Along the way, Don Hooper in the Theatre department and Graham Mears in the Art department played significant influences in helping me break through creative blocks."

Edmonson finally dove into the world of photography when he learned that it was the way he could best express himself. For him, photography and self-growth go hand-in-hand.

"It's about understanding and knowingly pursuing what is behind your vision whenever you are capturing a moment, your subjects and how you light, direct, or pose them," said Edmonson in an interview with Professional Photographers of America (PPA). "So, an artistic style at its very core requires personal introspection."

Today, Edmonson and his father are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, shooting modernized commercial wedding photography and participating in competitions. Even with all of the success he has earned, he feels that having a family is his biggest accomplishment.

"Success at home is much more important than any professional accomplishment I will ever achieve," Edmonson told the PPA. "It's that whole death to self-thing. I am thankful for both my lovely wife and our beautiful daughter and the adventures that still lay before us in life!"

Centenary is proud to have been part of Edmonson's journey to becoming a master of photography - get a glimpse of his talent at edmonsonweddings.com. As the College's first graduate with a Film, TV, and Video Degree in Production, Edmonson has made a lifelong habit of setting the standard for excellence.

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