Meadows Museum of Art plans artist talk September 20

SHREVEPORT, LA — On September 20, 2023, at 6:30 p.m., Terry Konrath will deliver an artist talk for her exhibition Visual Gumbo. Offering a unique perspective on the vibrant and diverse culture of Louisiana, Visual Gumbo is now on display as part of the Meadows Museum’s fall exhibition season and will be showing through December 2, 2023.

Terry Konrath is a passionate advocate of the "Slow" movement, a cultural philosophy rooted in the idea that quality, tradition, and meaningful human connections should take precedence over speed and mass production. Konrath applies this ethos to the art of photography. She uses a 35mm film analog camera and delves deep into the heart of Louisiana, capturing the essence of its people and the traditions that have shaped the state.

“My responsibility to record and archive as a culture bearer is important to me and I am very aware of the honor I am granted when invited into people's private spaces,” wrote Konrath in her artist statement. “My camera has allowed me to witness and share how people's lives have unfolded and capture the holy trinity of Louisiana’s folk arts, music, and food traditions in this exhibition of our visual cultural gumbo.”

This exhibition and artist talk are partially funded by the Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide experiences for people seeking personal growth with the belief that it strengthens communities. As the Foundation’s 2021 artist-in-residence, Konrath turned her attention to the rich culinary landscape of Louisiana. Her lens documented the Old School restaurants that are repositories of historical significance, the New School chefs infusing innovation into the culinary scene, and the dedicated farmers working towards sustainable food production and healthy land management. The Meadows Museum and the Ross Lynn Foundation will feature refreshments at the artist talk from local chefs photographed in the exhibition including Hardette Harris of Us Up North and Gabriel Balderas of Zuzul and El Cabo Verde.

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