The Art & Visual Culture Department values and nurtures creativity while providing sound training in art analysis, art history, and technical skills for a wide variety of media. The major consists of two concentrations Studio Art and Arts Management.

The Studio Art concentration fuses art criticism and theory with studio production. Instead of segregating skills into lower level classes and concepts into higher level classes, students practice the marriage of the two from the beginning. Students hone their creative skills in a series of conceptual interdisciplinary studio courses while developing a deep understanding of historical and contemporary artists and artworks.

The Arts Management concentration acknowledges that an array of occupations need art-focused, business-savvy people from a liberal arts background who bring creative thinking and cultural awareness to the table–including museums, architecture firms, municipal public art departments, urban planning firms, tech start-ups, and more. The Arts Management concentration equips students with skills in art, communication, visual analysis, marketing, and business administration, while also offering art history and museum curatorial experiences for students wishing to pursue related graduate studies.

Students may also seek to gain additional professional grounding through the Museum Management Program

The Art Department's classroom settings are complemented by regular engagement with local and regional artists and exhibitions.

Students may also qualify for financial aid and artistic merit scholarships

Studio Art

Students specializing in Studio Art enhance their creative skills by learning new techniques, working with various arts media, and gaining critical perspectives to contextualize and analyze their work.

Arts Management

Students specializing in Arts Management gain real world experience while developing professional skills sought by cultural and arts organizations. Grounded by a strong critical, social, scientific, and historical understanding of visual culture, Arts Management students put their knowledge and skills to work in Centenary's Meadows Museum of Art.

Museum Management Program

The Museum Management program prepares students pursuing any major for careers in cultural & arts administration, archives, private galleries, and auction houses as well as museum work ranging from education to exhibition design.

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Michelle Glaros

Chair of the Art Department

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