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Receive intensive hands-on training in printmaking, drawing, pottery, film, multimedia, and more.

Centenary's Arts Management and Visual Studies department increases a student’s potential for full artistic expression, interpretation, and comprehension. By providing sound training in art analysis, drawing, film & video production, new media, painting, photography, sculpture, and art history, the curriculum enhances students’ creative thinking and technical skills, while allowing them to concentrate their coursework in an area that bests suits their personal and professional interests. 

Students may major in Art, focusing on either Studio Arts or Arts Management and Visual Studies. The Studio Arts major focuses on production of art while the Art History major focuses on the aesthetic and cultural analyses of visual objects. Regardless of major, students may seek to gain additional knowledge through the Museum Management Program

The Art Department's classroom setting is complemented by regular exposure to local and regional artists and exhibitions. Students may also qualify for financial aid and talent-based art scholarships

Studio Arts

Students specializing in Studio Arts will enhance their creative skills by learning new techniques, working with various arts media, and gaining critical perspectives to contextualize and analyze their work.

Arts Management and Visual Studies

Students specializing in Arts Management and Visual Studies will organize their visual experiences within critical, social, scientific, and historical contexts.

Museum Management Program

The Museum Management program prepares students for graduate programs in museum or arts administration, careers in archives, private galleries, or auction houses, and museum work ranging from exhibition design to education.

Talent Based Scholarships

Talent Based Scholarships are offered for qualifying students. There are five application requirements: Letter of Intent, Portfolio, Interview, Resume & Recommendation.

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Jessica Hawkins

Department of Art and Visual Culture Chair