Students interested in preparing for application to medical or dental schools must meet the following requirements.

  1. Become familiar with the various health professions and their opportunities.
  2. Complete the required science and other courses as stipulated for admission for each professional school you wish to apply. Plan to earn a BA/BS. Any curriculum is fine as long as you can work in the required science courses. Coordinate both with your curriculum adviser and the Premedical Adviser. Pay particular attention to admission requirements concerning your state of residency.
  3. Apply and take the appropriate exam in Spring/Summer:
  4. Plan your curriculum and the required premedical science courses such that you take the MCAT in April of your 3rd Year. MCAT/DAT scores available in Summer are most useful for an evaluation of the applicant by the Premedical Committee. Prepare conscientiously by reviewing the 1st year of biology, chemistry, physics and organic chemistry courses. There are various approaches to accomplish this. The Premedical Adviser will suggest some.
  5. Formally Apply to Professional School. Review information about the application process for respective dental/medical schools. If you are interested in the Early Decision Program, note carefully the deadlines for each school.
    • Dental – AADSAS (American Association of Dental School Application Service) available through the American Dental Education Association. Applicants to the LSU Dental School in New Orleans must apply directly to them.
    • Allopathic - AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) application online
    • Osteopathic - AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine application service) 
    • Podiatric – AACPMAS (American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine application service at 
    • Think carefully about the choice of individual schools to direct your application(s). Some of the considerations: state of your residency, public, private, MCAT scores, GPA, data concerning admitted students to respective medical schools, type of medical school, etc. The Premedical Adviser can assist.
  6. In each application pay particular attention to the written statement (essay). The Premedical Adviser will be happy to comment on a draft prior to submission.
  7. Arrange a formal evaluation with the Premedical Adviser, Scott Chirhart MCK 208, phone 318-869-5209, email He will explain details of the new, revised procedure we use.

1 Texas state-supported dental and medical schools have a separate application process.