Program Overview

The student who chooses to major in French will unlock doors to new ways of perceiving the world in which we live. Studying French entails not only the mastery of the language, but also knowledge of the history, culture, and literature of France and the Francophone world.

In the first years of study, students participate in several conversational labs as well as introductory language courses. Upper-level courses reinforce verbal and written skills in French.

By exploring the language that continues to enrich and invigorate the French-speaking world, students develop skills of analysis, reasoning, and communication that will benefit them in their personal and professional lives.

Unique Opportunities 

Students studying French are encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad at one of our sister institutions in Belgium, Paris, Lille, Guadeloupe or Martinique. In addition, there are ample opportunities to study abroad with scholarships through the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana. All new students can profit from Centenary in Paris as well as short courses offered in Haiti.

All faculty in this department are bilingual and have considerable experience abroad. In addition, all Centenary students are able to work at the College’s internationally acclaimed French-language university press. The press is a collaborative effort among Centenary faculty and students. From the very beginning, students have participated in the project by transcribing manuscripts, editing text, designing book covers, creating page layouts, and conducting research with professors.

Since Louisiana is the only bilingual state in the country (English and French), it is the perfect setting for students to study and participate in active learning through visits to other cultural settings.


Program Requirements

Major Requirements for the B.A. In French

  1. Twenty-eight hours (including Senior Seminar, i.e. FLNG 471-73) in the major language numbered above 202, three of which must be selected from conversation laboratories (211, 311).
  2. Supportive courses as follows (Choose option I or II):
  • I. Twelve credit hours in English courses numbered above 102.
  • II. Eight credit hours in English courses numbered above 102, and four credit hours in a history course approved by the advisor.

Strongly recommended are four additional hours in religion or philosophy and eight hours in fine arts.

(Students will also be advised to take, as part of the options above: English 478 or another course with emphasis on critical theory.)


Minor Requirements for French 

1. Twenty-two credit hours including:

a. Eight credit hours in courses numbered above 300, four of which shall be in literature.

b. Two credit hours selected from conversation laboratories 211, 212; 311, 312.


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Dana Kress

Professor of French