2016-2017 CORE Programs

Fall Forum

Dinner • Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Shreveport Club • 6:30pm, Cocktails • 7:00pm, Dinner
Speaker: Dr. Chris Holoman, President of Centenary College

Breakfast Workshop • Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Centenary College Whited Room • 8:00am 
Dr. Otis Baskin, Family Business Consulting Group
"The Stages of Good Governance" 

Otis W. Baskin, Ph.D., a consultant from the Family Business Consulting Group, brings extensive experience in management and governance/decision-making issues in family businesses. His primary expertise is in helping business-owning families create plans for leadership succession and develop next generation leaders.Dr.

Baskin is an Emeritus Professor of Management at Pepperdine University where he served as Dean from 1995 to 2001.  His scholarly achievements include seven books, as well as numerous academic articles and published papers in the areas of organizational communication and family business.  His latest book is Effective Leadership in the Family Business, coauthored with Craig Aronoff. 

Read more about Dr. Baskin here. 


Winter Forum

Dinner • Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Shreveport Club • 6:30pm, Cocktails • 7:00pm, Dinner
Lee Michael Berg and Sons, Owners of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Breakfast Workshop • Wednesday, February 1, 2017 
Centenary College Whited Room • 8:00am  • 
Dr. Joshua Nacht, Family Business Consulting Group
"Family Champions and Champion Families" 

Joshua Nacht is a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group. He brings a complementary mix of skills, attributes, and experience to his roles as steward, scholar, and consultant to family enterprises. Joshua facilitates effective group process by working with families to promote idea advancement by integrating diverse perspectives, and to help families develop their own lasting solutions to their challenges. He utilizes a systems=based approach to work with the complexity and opportunity to present in family businesses.

Read more about Dr. Nacht here.


Spring Forum

Dinner • Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Shreveport Club • 6:30pm, Cocktails • 7:00pm, Dinner

Breakfast Workshop • Wednesday, April 12, 2017 
Centenary College Whited Room • 8:00am 
Greg Greenleaf, Family Business Consulting Group
"To Sell or Not to Sell: Knowing the Right Reasons to Exit the Family Business”

Greg Greenleaf is a principal consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group where he is an expert on succession, governance and professionalization of the family business. His highly collaborative approach and deep knowledge of family business make him a tremendous resource for clients with complex transition issues.

Greg comes from a family business, where as president of one of his family’s businesses, he learned firsthand the rewards, challenges and pitfalls of running a family business, including the critical importance of issues such as succession planning, strategic planning and fostering healthy family business relations.

Read more about Greg Greenleaf here. 

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