2015-16 Programs


Workshop Facilitator and Dinner Speaker: Amy Schuman, Family Business Consulting Group
“Human Resource in the Family Business: Maximizing the Power of Your People”



Dinner Speaker: Mike Woods, CEO Woods Operating
“Navigating the Rough Patches”

Workshop Facilitator: Kent Rhodes, Family Business Consulting Group
“Conflict Resolution in the Family-Owned Business”



Dinner Speaker: Clark Hunt, owner of Kansas City Chiefs, and Norma Hunt, owner of Bidwell Creek Vineyard
“The Hunt Family Business”

Workshop Facilitator: David Lansky, Family Business Consulting Group
“Family Wealth Continuity: Building a Foundation for the Future”

2015-16 Summer Lagniappe Programs

Origin Bank Program

Speaker: Larry Little, Origin Bank Regional President
“The Banking Environment and How It Affects You as a Business Owner”


Kean Miller Program
Speaker: Price Barker and Brian Carnie, Kean Miller Partners
“To Be or Not to Be Exempt: Coming to Grips with the New Overtime Rules”


Heard McElroy & Vestal Program
Speaker: Mark Eldredge, Heard McElroy & Vestal Partner
“Tax Changes in Louisiana”


2014-15 Programs


Workshop Facilitator and Dinner Speaker: Joe Schmieder, Family Business Consulting Group
“Strengthening the Strategic Planning Process: Helping Family Businesses Plan in a Networked Economy”



Workshop Facilitator and Dinner Speaker: Dana Telford, Family Business Consulting Group
“Siblings in the Family Business”



Workshop Facilitator and Dinner Speaker: Anne Hargrave, Family Business Consulting Group
“Building Family Agreements and Achieving Shareholder Alignment”

2014-15 Summer Lagniappe Programs

Heard McElroy & Vestal Program

Speakers: Robert Dean, Heard McElroy & Vestal Partner and Pat Nunley, Athens Partners
“Stronger Relationships, Better Results: Partnering Tips to Strengthen Your Family-Owned Business


Argent Financial Group
Speaker: Diane Rudner, Argent Board Member
“Philanthropy Can Last Forever – But at What Price?”


Cook Yancey King & Galloway
Speaker: William Kalmbach and Logan Schroeder, Cook Yancey King & Galloway Partners
“Back to Basics: Keeping the Estate Plan and Corporate Governance Documents Up to Date”