Explore and produce creative written, visual, and interactive methods of communication.

The interdisciplinary Communication Arts program provides students with a rich body of courses to explore practices and theories of human communication as social & cultural phenomenon…


Our communication curriculum is interdisciplinary, varied, and flexible. Reflecting an educational philosophy grounded in the liberal arts, Centenary’s Communication Arts Program focuses on developing higher order thinking skills to promote critical, strategic decision-making in the support of active problem solving. In our studio-classrooms, students engage real clients in social media, publishing, and design projects, produce films to compete in film festivals, and gain experience from internships in their desired fields.

Centenary's Communication majors pursue one of three rich concentrations of study that overlap in key areas. All Communication majors receive a strong grounding in contemporary communication practices including writing, cultural analysis, multimedia film and audio production, and design communication. Each student's program of study culminates in an individualized portfolio of original work designed to highlight professional aspirations and development. Our competitively prepared students build innovative careers while simultaneously improving the communities in which they live and work.


Our Film/Television/Video concentration prepares students to professionally engage dynamic areas of audio/visual media production and distribution.

New Media Design

Our new media design concentration allows students to explore the methods and practices associated with multimedia, web, and digital graphic design while also developing knowledge and practices associated with more traditional communication media.

Professional Writing: Creative & Strategic Content

The Professional Writing concentration allows students to investigate varied aspects of communication that pertain to contemporary writers including public relations, publishing and scriptwriting as well as content and social media strategy.

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R.Z. Biedenharn Chair in Communication

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