The Communication Arts Program features top-notch facilities and equipment. Students learn and become familiar with professional, industry standard technologies while developing their creative problem-solving skills. 


Anchoring the southwest corner of Centenary's campus, the Turner Art Center houses a multimedia Mac lab featuring digital film editing stations as well as stations for digital photography and visual design work. CoLab, our PC/Windows learning space, houses sixteen collaborative learning stations with multiple display options allowing students to work seamlessly on individual and shared projects. Both labs also provide students with options for audio production and digital FX. All Communication majors are cross-trained on both Mac and Windows platforms ensuring their technical flexibility and adaptability upon graduation. In addition, they work side-by-side with and are inspired by engagement with students studying Studio Art and Arts Management in the creative hubs the Communication Arts Program shares with Art & Visual Culture.

Communication students present work for analysis and critique in a variety of gallery and screening/presentation spaces on campus. These learning environments include a creative-space classroom in the Meadows Museum of Art, a screening classroom and open gallery in the Turner Art Center, and a screening classroom adjacent to CoLab in Jackson Hall.


Contact Info

Michelle Glaros

R.Z. Biedenharn Chair in Communication