Communication Arts Program Faculty


Michelle Glaros

Dr. Michelle Glaros holds the R.Z. Biedenharn Chair of Communication at Centenary College of Louisiana where she teaches classes in screenwriting and digital film production as well as film, media, and communication studies. As the Biedenharn Chair, Dr. Glaros also coordinates internships for Centenary College’s Communication Arts Program.

Dr. Glaros is a small-scale documentary filmmaker (that means she researches, writes, shoots, and edits her own work). Since moving to Louisiana in 2003, her films have been broadly focused on documenting folk practices.


digital film production, documentary film, fiction film, screenwriting, film art, television, communication studies, internships in communication, and Senior Seminar in Communication



Jessica Hawkins

Jessica Hawkins is an Associate Professor of Communication at Centenary College of Louisiana and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design. She is also the Robert Ewing Jr. and John H. Hendrick, Jr. Eminent Scholars Distinguished Professor of Communication.

Prof. Hawkins teaches courses in web and graphic design, leads a cross-disciplinary first year seminar focused on leveraging social media for social change, and pursues research interests revolving around generative art and procedural literacy as design pedagogy. Bringing her professional experience to the classroom, Prof. Hawkins is an award-winning designer who continues to create commercial work for clients.


design communication, graphic design, web design, print design, media campaign, and public communication


Contributing Faculty


Andia Augustin-Billy

Specialties: French

Department: Foreign Languages



Jeff Hendricks

Specialties: film history, film theory, scriptwriting

Department: English


Dana Kress

Specialties: French

Department: Foreign Languages



Specialties: strategic communication, sports communication

Department: Communication Arts


Maureen Murov

Specialties: Spanish, Latin American film

Department: Foreign Languages



Specialties: creative writing, rhetoric, and film adaptations

Department: English

Chrissy Martin

Specialties:creative writing, poetry, creative nonfiction

Department: English

Matthew Blasi

Specialties:creative writing, fiction, creative nonfiction

Department: English



Specialties: public & media relations, journalism


kyra rietveld

Specialties: art history, visual studies, design history, museum management

Department: Art & Visual Culture



Specialties: social media marketing, public relations

Department: Communication Arts


Logan Sledge

Specialties: acting, directing

Department: Theatre


Curt Youngblood

Specialties: photography, photojournalism

Department: Art & Visual Culture


Mark Allen

Specialties: Communication Arts; strategic communication, multimedia journalism, podcasting
Department: Communication 

Contact Info

Dr. Michelle Glaros

R.Z. Biedenharn Chair in Communication

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