Program Overview

The Business Administration major at Centenary provides students with a broad understanding of business and of the larger economic and social environment within which organizations operate. Building on the liberal arts foundation of a Centenary education, the Business Administration curriculum is designed to equip students with the breadth and flexibility of mind to relate the complex interrelationships of business with society as a whole. The Business Administration major prepares students to enter an increasingly global environment and also provides exposure to social, human, cultural, international, political and ethical issues as they relate to Business. Concentrations within the Major provide students a focused course of study in Commerce, Leadership, Investments, Operations Analysis, Economic Policy, International Business or Energy Business. Our ultimate goal is to provide majors with the business acumen, analytical ability and broad perspectives that will prepare them for success in graduate programs, in their business careers, and in society.

Students may be admitted to the Departmental Honors Program if they have attained junior standing and meet the other requirements. For details, consult the Dean of the School of Business.

Business Adminstration Requirements

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