Program Overview

Sociology is the systematic study of human social behavior. Sociologists strive to understand how humans interact with one another to create the lasting cultures, institution and organizations that link generations in civilization. In addition, sociologists devote serious attention to the manner in which cultures and social structures influence human interaction. 

Program Requirements

Major Requirements

All candidates for the B.A. degree in Sociology must complete:

  1. At least thirty two (32) credit hours in Sociology including 101, 404, 415, and an approved statistics course.
  2. Twelve (12) of the minimum 32 hours in Sociology must be from courses numbered 300 or above.
  3. One fall or spring term of Internship (120 hours) in a field setting.
  4. All Sociology majors are required to take Senior Seminar.

Majors are encouraged to take Statistics and Research Methods prior to their senior year.

Minor Requirements

  1. Sociology 101, 404.
  2. Three (3) additional Sociology courses of the student’s choice in consultation with the student’s advisor. 
  3. Internship is not required of a minor but is recommended.

Requirements for Department Honors in Sociology

  1. Sociology Major
  2. Senior Standing
  3. 2 Semesters of Study and Research
  4. GPA of 3.5 or better in major and 3.25 overall.
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