Congratulations to all Research Forum winners! Past winners may be viewed by clicking the dropdown arrow for each year. 

Past Research Forum Winners

2015 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Daryn Beaugh - Don Juan Filhiol and the Transformation of Northeast Louisiana during the Spanish Colonial Period

2nd place - Alissa Brown - Hopes of a Better Afterlife: Similarities in Funerary Art Between Early Christianity and Mystery Cults

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Chris Cates - Identification of Novel Genes Controlling Flowering Time in Sorghum bicolor

2nd place - Tierra Range - Development in Donor-Acceptor Type Block Copolymer for use in Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaics

3rd place - Eli Capello - Sex Sells: Deconstruction of the Male Sex Bias in Biomedical Research

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Ryan Stevens - NFL Franchise and Metropolitan Areas: A Study of the Effects Due to the Existence of a Franchise during the 2013 season

2nd place - Lauren Marlar - Attitudes, Perceptions, and Priorities of Non-Profit Administration and Clientele

Poster session

1st place - Morgan Navalance - Examination of Genes Controlling Flowering Time During Leaf Development in Sorghum biocolor

2nd place - Dolores Ross - Phylogenetic Analysis of the Upstream Region of the Arcanolysin Gene from Smooth and Rough Biotypes of Aracanobacterium haemolyticum

3rd place - Zach Stielper - Is PAR Binding Necessary for Oxidative Stress-Induced Iduna Upregulation in ARPE-19 Cells?

2014 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Tianna Murphy - Feminism, Orientalism and Polemics: Two American Muslim Feminists and their Jihads

2nd place - Kayla Marion - African American Confederates of the Lost Cause

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Luke White - Controlling the "Stickiness" and Electronic Properties of Graphene by Doping

2nd place - Michael Free - The Synthesis of a Tetraether Glycerophospholipid with Two Different Headgroups

3rd place - Andrea Argueta Lemus - Florigen Makes the Whorl Go Round: A Survey of the FT-like PEBP family in Sorghum bicolor

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Cameron Hughes - Determinants of Field Goal Success Rates: A Study of Placekicking in the 2012 National Football League Regular Season

2nd place - Angela Impson - Examining Heteronormative Gender Enactment Among Gay Men

3rd place - Matthew Scott - Self-Efficacy's Mitigating Role on the Consequences of Negative Feedback

Poster session

1st place - Tierra Range - Inflammatory demyelination is suppressed by a disease-modifying drug in Theiler's virus model of multiple sclerosis

2nd place - Ryan O’Donnell - Optimization of Shreveport Public Transportation Routes

3rd place - Payton Weidner - Epithelium of GAD65-GFP Mice: A New Model For Studying Olfactory Sensory Neuron Maturation?

2013 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Tianna Murphy - Evangelical Sports Ministry at the Collegiate Level

2nd place - Holden Penny - Poverty Point: An Archeological and Religious Monument

3rd place - Brenton Gryder - "An Aid to the Communist Conspiracy"? An Investigation of the National Council of Churches by St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 1959-1967

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - S. Garrett Whipple and Alexandra Hebert - The Synthesis of Asymmetric Tetraether Lipids Through a Convergent Wittig Reaction

2nd place - Everett D. Grimley - Spectroscopy for Measurement of the Surface Spin-Polarization of Perovskite Oxides

3rd place - Lindsey Fileccia - Functional Annotation of Ebola and Marburg Virus Proteins via Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies

3rd place - Alex Larsen - Using Machine Learning to Predict a Bad Day - Text Classification for

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Josh Scott - Does Technical Analysis Pay-off in Latin America

2nd place - Karley Aiken - Reconfiguring the Fairytale: Exploring Gender Relations in Polyamory

3rd place - Adam Ghaemmaghami - Skill in Poker: Empirical Evidence from the Statistical Analysis of Low Stakes Play

Poster session

1st place - Alexandra Larsen, Ryan O’Donnell,
Gerhardt Funk - Modeling the Cost of Water Desalination in Egypt

2nd place - Monique Long, James Hall,
Brandon McRae, Ghalia Thaljeh
Associative Memory in Chilopoda lithobiomorpha

3rd place - Taylor Atkinson - Strength of Handedness and Backward Recall

2012 Winners

Humanities oral presentation

1st place - Zachary Cowsert - Prince Camille de Polignac: "A Damn Frog-Eating Frenchman" Commanding Confederate Soldiers, 1861-65

2nd place - Lauren Rogers - Civil Religion in the Republic of Turkey

3rd place - Adam Gatlin - A Lesson in Diplomacy: Robert Bigger Oakley's Years as U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, 1988-1991

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place - Brandon McRae - Stairway to Heaven

2nd place - Jacob Jennings - Parsing Mathematical Expressions into MathML

3rd place - Gaurav Shah - The CK1 Protein Kinase Yck2 Exhibits Multiple Phosphorylation Sites

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place - Drew Burnham - The Development of Arrears to the IMF

2nd place - Candace Rushing - How Do You Spell /ʃəʊl/: Orthographical Differences Across Fourth Graders at Three SES Levels

3rd place - Katie James - Measures of Vertical and Horizontal Religious Language in Christian Liberal Arts College Mission Statements

Poster session

1st place - Dallas Krentzel - Similarities in Toxicity between an Environmentally Ubiquitous Polyurethane Component and DDT in Daphnia magna in Terms of Survivorship, Fecundity, and Excitotoxicity

2nd place - Stephanie Hansen - Suppressor Analysis of the Yck2 Ser243Asp Protein Kinase Mutant

3rd place - Roumta Odisho, Millicent Davis, James Hall - Analgesic Effects of Perfluroalkyl Derivatives of Ibuprofen

2016 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 25th annual Centenary Student Research Forum!


Poster Session

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Jessica Cameron - The Effect of Deprenyl on the Lifespan of C. elegans
  • 2nd place - Melissa Traver - Analysis of Concurrently Expressed CCT-domain Proteins During the Floral Transition in Sorghum bicolor
  • 3rd place - Namra Tanveer - Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cells and the Arterial Response to Injury by MnTnBuOE-2-PyP5+


  • 1st place - Taylor Ackerman - Not About Nightingales
  • 2nd place - Abigail Dillard - References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot by Jose Rivera 
  • 3rd place - Bailey White - Not About Nightingales Stage Manager’s Prompt Book


Oral Session


  • 1st place - Christian Roberson and Sarah Leal - Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Scenes
  • 2nd place - Grace Rambo - Baby Got Back: The Kardashians Commodification of Black Beauty
  • 3rd place - David Westbrook - Scriabin's Fourth Symphony: Analyzing Color in Scriabin's Fourth Symphony

Social Sciences

  • 1st place - Gabrielle Glorioso - Perception of Aggression in Racial Voicing

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Manon Doucet - Shining Light on the Role of Conserved CCT-domain Proteins in Flowering in Sorghum bicolor
  • 2nd place - Dolores Ross - Synthesis and Photolysis of Cyclopropyl-Substituted Benzophenones Using Transition Metal Catalysts