Centenary Bound!

Paris courses and room assignments are made on a first come, first served basis – pay your deposit and choose your course today!

The Centenary in Paris experience extends beyond the classroom and the travel learning experience in August. Students are housed on campus together by Paris course, ensuring that the friends you make during Orientation and Centenary in Paris will be living in your building as part of an enduring community and making it easy to find people with whom to study, go to the cafeteria, or just hang out. Although students are allowed to move to another room or building for spring semester if space allows, most stay in their assigned room for their entire first year of college.

If you want to live in a certain building, you can prioritize any of the Paris courses assigned to that building. If you want to be in a particular Paris course, choose your favorite(s), and we will place you in the right building with others who share your interest in that topic (as class capacities allow).

**Roommates can be in different Paris classes, but not in different buildings. If two students request each other as roommates before the deadline, they will 100% be roommates. However, if two students request each other as roommates but each requests a different dorm building, one will not get his/her choice of building.**

Space is limited, so pay your deposit and submit the New Student General Information Form as early as possible to maximize your chances of getting a top pick!

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